Lakeside Adventures for this Lab: Winni's Story


Meet Winni from Townsend, MA!

Before SpotOn, Winni had to be kept on a long lead due to their lake house being close to the road. As a swimmer pup, she was very unhappy not having the freedom to go in the water. With the system, her parents are relieved knowing that she can safely roam the yard and swim as she pleases without wandering into the street.

“The flexibility to create multiple fences and be able to include a swimming area is amazing. Winni loves having the freedom at the lake. She is such a happy girl! It is worth every penny.” – Owner, Darleen L.

Winni’s family has always been lab lovers and knew they wanted a yellow lab. Since their first dog was a black lab, they felt that the breed was a great fit for them! After a lot of research, they came across a local breeder in town who was expecting a litter of lab puppies. Once they were born and got big enough to meet potential families, the family met Winni along with all of her siblings. Winni stuck out to them because she was very cuddly and friendly, and she responded well to being held! Holding her in their arms was the moment they knew they wanted to take her home!

Winni, being a very curious gal, loves saying hi to other dogs and people passing by. While on walks, she has recently gotten much better about quelling that puppy instinct to pull on her leash to greet people. She likes to know what everyone is doing at all times, and will even come up and investigate if you’re cooking in the kitchen- she clearly has good taste seeing as she is very interested in all things related to human food!

Before SpotOn, Winni had to be kept on a long lead in the yard at the family lake house due to being in close proximity to the road. As a swimmer pup, she was very unhappy not having the freedom to go in the water. After all, she is a lab who is born to swim and was even named after Lake Winnipesaukee! Her owners hated watching her day dream about taking a dip while being tied up.

Now that Winni is trained to the system, she is free to roam in the yard without her parents worrying that she might wander into the road. She is one happy pup splashing around at the lake and having fun doing various water activities. Her absolute favorite is playing fetch with a tennis ball! The family enjoys throwing it out in the water and watching her swim out to retrieve it. 

Her parents are also relieved knowing that she is staying safely within the yard. They set her boundary so that Winni can’t go beyond the rock wall at the edge of their front yard since the road is right on the other side of it. Although the road doesn’t get very much vehicle traffic, it’s enough that they want to keep Winni safe from venturing out there. They also have a lot of neighbors who walk on the road, and decided to set the boundary back enough to ensure she won’t get excited and leave the property to go visit them.

Not only does the family like the ability to create multiple fences and include a swimming area, but they also appreciate that they can use the system in the woods. Living in a part of Massachusetts that is very forest-heavy, the family’s home is almost completely in the woods! There are several acres of land behind their house with walking trails that wind through dense woods. Thanks to Forest Mode, Winni gets to enjoy frolicking through the trees. 

Winni also loves playing fetch with both her tennis balls and her frisbee; the frisbee is her favorite toy. She will run hundreds of feet out into the woods if her parents throw it back there for her! She could go on playing fetch for what seems like forever without getting bored. Even if they are not playing fetch, she will carry her frisbee around in the backyard like it’s her best friend. She even knows the word “frisbee”, so if we ask her where her frisbee is, she’ll run and go find it.

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