Off-grid Camping Adventures: Securing Dogs in the Hawaiian Wilds

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Nic, an avid camper based in Big Island, Hawaii, knows the thrill of off-roading the island's stunning landscapes and these adventures aren’t complete without Nic’s dogs, Timber and Pearl. He documents their adventures online, hoping to inspire others to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer. But not all of the adventures are created equally, and one in particular showed Nic the risks that come with exploring the dense Hawaiian jungles. 

Like many dogs, Timber and Pearl have high prey drives, but it was never a cause for concern. Nic took typical precautions and never ran into too much trouble, until one camping trip that went sideways.

“What do you do when your dogs disappear into the jungle for two weeks? For 14 days, my dogs chased wild boar into the jungle of Hawaii. I figured I would never see them again and I was completely consumed by guilt.”
- Nic C., Hawaii

Those 14 agonizing days were a turning point for Nic. He knew that he needed to find a better way to contain his dogs while camping.

Tying Up Freedom Wasn't the Answer

The traditional solutions – leashes, restraints, or fenced-in areas – simply weren't appealing. "Tying them up or building a small run just wasn't the lifestyle that I wanted for my dogs," Nic explains. Restricting their freedom wasn't a sacrifice Nic was willing to make. His goal was to have Timber and Pearl by his side while camping, not confined to a small space or crate.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Enter SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

Nic’s search for a solution led him to the SpotOn GPS dog collar. This virtual fence system offered the perfect blend of safety and freedom, addressing all his concerns. 

"It fences our 19-acre property, it tracks my dogs, and goes wherever we explore."

Creating Virtual Fences: Peace of Mind

One of the key features Nic highlights is the flexibility. SpotOn Fence allows him to customize his boundaries around his 19-acre property, exactly to his specifications. This invisible barrier gives him peace of mind knowing Timber and Pearl can roam freely within their designated area.

Unmatched Tracking: Never Losing Sight of Timber and Pearl

But the virtual fence is just one piece of the puzzle. The real-time tracking feature provides Nic with constant reassurance. No matter where they explore, Nic can always see his dog’s location on his phone. This real-time tracking allows Nic to monitor Timber and Pearl's movements, especially in unfamiliar territories, ensuring they’re within a safe distance.

Off-Grid Adventures: Safety Beyond Cell Service

Nic’s love for adventure knows no bounds and he often ventures into areas that are more remote, where cell signals are spotty at best. Here's where the truly unique feature of the SpotOn Fence comes into play – the off-grid functionality.

"The incredible off-grid feature allows me to create fences in remote areas without service."

 This capability allows him to establish temporary virtual boundaries even in locations with no cell reception. This ensures Timber and Pearl’s safety regardless of how remote their adventures take them.

Priceless Peace of Mind: More Adventures with Confidence

For Nic, the benefits of the SpotOn GPS Fence go far beyond functionality. It provides him with a sense of security and peace of mind that allows him to fully embrace his adventurous spirit with his dogs by his side.

"My dogs' well-being is truly priceless to me," he emphasizes. The constant worry of another disappearance is a thing of the past. "I'm stoked that I was able to find a solution that allows me to take them on more great adventures, without risking another great escape," Nic concludes.

SpotOn Fence: Freedom Meets Safety

Nic’s story exemplifies the transformative power of the SpotOn Fence. It empowers dog owners with the freedom to explore while ensuring their safety. With its innovative virtual fence capabilities, real-time tracking, and off-grid functionality, SpotOn allows you to confidently embark on unforgettable adventures with your dog.

Is your dog an escape artist? Do you dream of worry-free off-leash adventures?

Bring home SpotOn today and discover how you can keep your dog safe and by your side, no matter where life's adventures take you.

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