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Freedom to Explore Closer to Home: Yeti's Story

Meet Yeti, a Great Pyrenees and Newfoundland mix from Michigan.

Yeti lives in rural Michigan and before the SpotOn Virtual Fence would roam over 200 acres with other neighbor dogs getting into trouble like eating farmers’ ducks, exploring near a busy road or swimming in a stinky pond. Jennie, Yeti’s dog mom was at her wit’s end on how to keep her giant, loveable Great Pyrenees and Newfoundland mix pup nearer to home while still giving him some freedom to explore.

Now with the system, Yeti is contained on 5 acres where he loves to play with his family. Neighborhood dogs and cats still come to visit him frequently. He plays with his favorite neighbor dog, Kayla, when she visits and likes to bark at animals that pass by. When it’s time to rest, he cuddles up with the family cat.

How did Yeti become part of your family?  

We got Yeti from a breeder in Nebraska when he was about 12 weeks old. His size and color helped us choose his name. It fits him perfectly!

What are Yeti's favorite things to do? 

Yeti is EXTREMELY mellow so he loves to cuddle. He also enjoys being outdoors- walking, swimming and playing and playing with his doggie neighbors.

And like most dogs, Yeti is always up for a tasty treat- especially if it involves meat!

What was life like before SpotOn?

Yeti would go as where he pleased. He roamed about 200 acres between neighbors and our property. Yeti made me nervous because he liked to eat the neighbor's ducks. Also he used to go in the neighbor’s pond and get extremely stinky!

What features sold you on buying SpotOn?

We have a large property so the size of the fence we could make was very important. 

What has made you happiest about using the SpotOn System?

Yeti has made us proud! He learned the SpotOn system quickly and hasn't been bothering the neighbors! We don't have to worry about where he is now because we get notifications when he has left his safe zone.

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