13 Acres of Farm Life Freedom for this Lab: Teach's Story


"Just being able to let him enjoy the outdoors
and be a free roaming pup."
- Owner, Bunn B. 

Meet Edward Teach, or Teach for short. His pup parents are huge Blackbeard fans, and he’s named after the infamous pirate.

This handsome boy is 1 year old, and a great companion. To quote his dad, he is also ‘a bit of a wild child’ and always wanting to go, go, go! He’s a playful pup that loves Alpo TBonz - and also loves to chew anything & everything in sight!

Not surprising for his breed, Teach loves to retrieve! He also loves running, and running some more - and chasing any squirrels he can find. This lucky lab also gets to swim whenever he wants to in his own backyard pond.

The family used to have a fenced in backyard, so containment was easy. But once they moved to an open farm, they needed a GPS containment solution. Now they live on 13 acres, with a pond in the backyard, and large pastures in the front yard — with cows. Enter SpotOn… The unexpected benefits?

"Keeping him away from the cows. And being able to close the door while he is outside and not worry about where he is."

Since they’ve been using the SpotOn system, their relationship with Teach has changed. In addition to keeping him away from the cows, Teach can now happily roam freely, chase squirrels to his heart’s content, and enjoy the great outdoors on their 13 acre property. Plus, his pup  parents now have peace of mind.

What has made them happiest about using the SpotOn system?

"I’m able to go to work and not have to worry about where he is or what he is doing, now he just has room to be a wild dog and enjoy the outdoors."

Their favorite feature?

"Being able to use GPS significantly saved us money by not having to run an underground wire around 13 acres."

In addition to using SpotOn at home, the family has also enjoyed the portability of the system when they visit friends and family. If a friend or family member was on the “fence” about getting a SpotOn, Teach’s dad would recommend the system:

"I would make sure you have a large enough property - at least 2 Acres - and if so - I would highly recommend the product."

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