3 Acres of Joy for a Rottweiler/Lab Mix: Dozer's Story


Meet Dozer, a gentle loving pup from Centerville, Pennsylvania!

Dozer is a Rottweiler/ Lab mix who got his name because whenever he wants something, he just plows over you to get it! This pooch and his now-forever family’s paths crossed at just the right time! Sarah, his dog mom, was considering adopting a second dog but hadn’t fully committed to the idea yet. Shortly after, she came across Dozer posted on Facebook as a stray and free to a good home! The folks who found him told the family that they had found him dumped on their property tied to a tree with a box of kittens. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep him and were seeking a home for him. Lucky for him, Sarah welcomed him home with open arms! Though he was challenging at first, he has turned into an excellent companion!

Before SpotOn, Sarah had used a remote shock collar, so she had to be constantly watching him to ensure he didn’t go somewhere he wasn’t supposed to! But the problem was that it wasn’t always consistent. They looked into many different containment systems but were dreading the idea of having to bury a wire. Also, most other wireless systems would not work with their home’s metal roof. Fortunately, they came across SpotOn and were very pleased to discover that it was able to solve all of those issues for them!  They also used to have problems with Dozer wanting to run out on the road to say hi to people walking or biking by the house! Having the SpotOn system has made it so he can no longer go that far and they don’t have to constantly worry about him running into traffic.  Now with SpotOn, the family feels more relaxed and Dozer is very happy he can roam around more without being yelling at for going too far out!

Though their property is only about an acre and half, Dozer lucked out! The family borders farm land, so his map is able to extend into the neighboring fields! He now has about 3 acres to romp and play all day long! He loves to explore the barns and fields within his boundary and chase bunnies and squirrels. Though he enjoys very much bringing them back home as gifts, fortunately, he’s not usually quick enough to catch them.  Dozer has lots of new adventures to look forward to! The family camps in NY state at a small rental home. He loves his freedom to be able to roam the yard - even when his pet parents aren’t home! Dozer loves to play with his chew bone and burry it at the camp, as well as long naps in the sun! He also enjoys very much going for rides in their side by side and joining in on the fun during campfires with friends! At the end of a long day of sniffing and exploring, Dozer loves to dig up the blankets and make a bed that’s just right - he’ll spend several minutes rolling and digging up the blankets and pillows before he finally lays down and get settled!

"We love SpotOn, it's made having a dog so much more relaxed. I was very skeptical at first and did a ton of reading and research before buying but I am so happy we took the plunge. Customer service has been great, and the system is very user friendly!"

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