SpotOn, Inventor of the world's first GPS fence, Announces invention of GPS-based Home Zones



Manchester, New Hampshire, April 24, 2023 – Committed to making dog owners’ lives easier and dogs everywhere happier, SpotOn, the world’s first GPS dog fence, is announcing two ground-breaking product and technology updates that incorporate cutting-edge wireless technology. With the launch of its latest innovative features, SpotOn is pushing the limits of dog containment with the release of its GPS-powered fence-inside-a-fence. This groundbreaking technology allows users to create Keep Out Zones and Home Zones within their existing SpotOn GPS Fence. 

As the remote work trend remains strong in 2023, dog owners want more freedom and safety for their dogs. SpotOn’s new features enable even more flexibility for dog owners.  

Home Zones solve an age-old problem with GPS’s inherent inability to get signals indoors and allow users to create an area around their home where GPS-enabled warnings and corrections are disabled. Though SpotOn is equipped with automatic indoor/outdoor detection, due to the limitations of GPS, dogs would occasionally be corrected indoors. With the introduction of Home Zones, users can definitively set an area around their house and rest assured their dog will not be subject to false corrections.  

Keepout Zones allow users to keep their dogs out of certain areas of the yard that are inside their GPS fence, like a vegetable garden, pool, chicken coop, or poison ivy patch. 

Dog owners can take advantage of these new features to increase their dogs’ well-being by saying no to committing them to life indoors and yes to more freedom with the world’s most innovative dog fence, which is now even more powerful than ever before. 

Our customers have been asking for keep out areas inside their fences for the last couple of years," said Jennifer Joyce Kean, President of SpotOn Fence. "Our engineers took on the challenge and developed an elegant way to keep dogs out of unwanted areas." 

With SpotOn, users can create unlimited fences of any shape and size at home and anywhere they travel to, using just the SpotOn collar and smartphone app. One-half acre or 1000s of acres, SpotOn boasts the boundary accuracy of an inground-wire fence with the convenience expected in today’s wireless world. 

“SpotOn uses the best GPS technologies available, and we pair that with a highly sensitive, dual-feed antenna, which means your dog is connected to as many as 30 different satellites when roaming free,” said Sung Vivathana, SpotOn’s VP of Engineering and inventor of the GPS Dog Fence category. “We layer on SpotOn’s patented True Location™ Technology,  which pairs GPS data with sensors in your dog’s collar that tracks their movement. This technology removes GPS’s inherent limitations such as drift, multi-path signals, and interference, positioning your dog with more reliability than other containment and tracking systems.”

The SpotOn Fence is available for $999 at,, and, with an optional subscription that starts at $5.95 per month. SpotOn offers a 10% discount to military/veteran/first responders, $50 off multi-collar purchases, and other periodic offers.

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About SpotOn

SpotOn offers dogs and dog owners a reliable and effective GPS containment system. The only wireless fence to use patented True Location™ technology, SpotOn GPS Fence is the easiest and most accurate way to contain your dog. SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with a network of 128 satellites, eliminating the need for professional installation and maintenance. Simply use the app to create a fence in minutes—any size, any shape, and anywhere; train your dog to the tones; and track them in real-time if they leave the fence.   

SpotOn was created by a team with decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices and a commitment to developing the best products for the pet industry. Recognized as a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist, and New Hampshire Tech Alliance 2019 Product of the Year, SpotOn has changed the lives of dogs and owners across North America. To learn more about the SpotOn technology and product, visit:, our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.   

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