3 ways to make a fence. How to walk, draw and edit fences.

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There are two ways to make a custom fence on the SpotOn app. You can either walk the boundary, or draw the boundary in the app. Whichever method you choose, you can always edit your fence on the app to get it just right. A third fence option is to use an instant circular perimeter. Here’s a quick look at each creation method, as well as how to easily edit your fence.

Walk the Fence Perimeter (for the most accurate custom fence)

Walking the perimeter ensures the most accurate perimeter, so we recommend this creation method for your first fence. When you walk the perimeter, you’ll see your fence built as you walk, so you can navigate accordingly. Try using some landmarks (trees, plants, flower pots) to outline your boundary. While your dog will be trained to the tones instead of the visual cues, using landmarks will help you mark the boundaries.

If you’re fencing through water or tricky terrain, there’s no need to wade through water, push through brush or climb over rocks. Simply use the ‘Pause’ feature, go around the obstacle, which comes in handy if you want to walk your fence but have a big yard (or want to jump in your car or on your ATV to get to the next desired fence post). Once you’ve walked and saved your fence, you can easily edit your fence on the app to get it just right.

Or, now you have the option to draw the fence instead!

Draw the Fence Perimeter (for the quickest custom fence)

For quicker custom fence creation, simply draw a fence boundary right on the app. No walking required. This is great for big properties where you have some wiggle room with your boundary, and is convenient for on the go and visiting friends & family. And you can always edit your fence after you test the boundaries. Watch this short video to see how easy it is.

Instant Circular Fence (for the most convenient fence on the go)

The third way to make a fence is to choose an instant circular fence to create an instant boundary anywhere you go. Circular fences can be set as small as 150 feet wide and up to 950 feet wide.

Need to edit a fence you’ve already made?

Whether you walked or drew your custom fence, you can easily edit it on the app. This handy feature lets you modify the fence posts to adjust the boundary. For instance, maybe you forgot to keep your dog out of the garden. Or you made your fence in the summer to include a lake or pond, and now it’s too cold to let your dog swim. Simply add, delete or move fence posts to get it just right. Or even better, make multiple, seasonal versions of your fences. To learn more about editing fences, watch this quick video!

However you make your custom fence, remember to always include a buffer zone to accommodate GPS drift, and to test your fence before letting your dog run free. You’ll also need to teach your dog  to recognize SpotOn’s dog-friendly tones, vibration and optional static correction, so he respects his virtual fence boundaries. Use our easy step-by-step SpotOn training program to help your dog learn the boundary of the GPS fence you’ve just created. 

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