The Best Outdoor Dog Toys for Your Backyard


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The Best Outdoor Toys for Your Dog

Our recommendations for backyard dog toys that your pup is sure to love!

The dog days of summer are almost here and you’ve probably been spending more time than ever playing outside with your pup. While your pooch is happy just to have you around and won’t turn his nose up at that ratty old tennis ball, you may have noticed that his toys are looking a little worn out. Worn out dog toys can make a mess at best, and pose a choking hazard at worst, so it may be time to consider spoiling your pup with some new toys. Here are some of our picks for the best outdoor dog toys this summer!

Water Toys

Dogs don’t sweat as efficiently as humans, so staying cool and comfortable during warm months is even more important for your pooch than it is for you. Making sure your dog has full bowl of water and a shady place to rest is a good start, but there’s no better way to stay cool than to incorporate some water play into your day!

A foldable pet pool is an easy way to let your pooch splash around, and there are many different brands on the market, like SmileMart and Jasonwell. Look for one made of durable PVC. They’re easy to drain, fold up, and store – no air pump required – and are great for kiddos, too!

If your pup prefers to go for a dip in your human pool or get his paws wet in a body of water, check out treat-hiding water toys, like Cycle Dog’s 3-play Hippo and 3-play Turtle. Made with the durable, eco-friendly material Cycle Dog toys are known for, these toys entertain your pup in three ways: they have a treat-hiding tummy, a squeaker head, and they are “superfloat” toys, meaning they float above the surface of the water. They’re sure to keep your dog entertained for a little while so you can relax on your pool float, take a bathroom break, or top up your frosty beverage. (Cycle Dog also offers a We Care Guarantee on their products and will repair or replace any damaged item, so you can give them a try nearly risk-free.)

If you want to give your dog the freedom to swim in a lake or pond but don’t want him going too far out, keep in mind that the SpotOn system is waterproof to IP67 standards, and it’s easy to create virtual fences through water.

Solo Toys

Dogs love to play fetch, but sometimes your arm tires out long before your super energetic doggo does. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider an automatic ball launcher to help keep your dog happy while giving you a little break. GoDogGo’s Fetch Machine is customizable, allowing you to control the launch interval and distance. You can even control it using an app!

Another good solo toy for indoors or out is Cycle Dog’s High Roller Plus Dog Ball. This treat-hiding toy has an erratic bounce that will keep your dog on his toes. Just stick a treat inside it, give it a throw or a roll, and let your pup go to town trying to free the delicious treat hiding inside. It’s durable and floats, too!

If you plan on leaving your pooch outside alone for any period of time, make sure he’s safely contained. With the SpotOn Fence, you can create customizable, wireless dog fences that you can use at home and take with you while you travel.


Old School with an Upgrade

Frisbees and tennis balls are classic dog toys, but they’re created with humans in mind, not canines! They aren’t made to stand up to a rough pup, but we found some takes on the old classics that are much more durable, like Cycle Dog’s Flat Tire Flyer. Made with their patented durable and eco-friendly Ecolast material, the Flat Tire Flyer flies like a frisbee but can stand up to the toughest of chewers. It even floats on water, so it’s perfect for those summer days at the lake or pool.

Kong’s AirDog SqueakAir tennis balls are a game-changer! These balls are more durable than your standard tennis ball, feature an erratic, irregular bounce to keep your pooch guessing, and have a squeaker inside for extra fun. They’re made of material that is gentler on your dog’s teeth than standard tennis balls, too.

Your best friend deserves to be spoiled, and these toys are sure to make for a happy pooch! They’re great for reinforcing the ‘stay’ command, too. Try them out and let us know what your dog’s new favorite toy is in the comments!

Need some more room to roam at home for outdoor toy time? Learn more about living life unleashed with our GPS powered, no-dig dog fence.

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