Best Gifts for Dog Dads


Need some Holiday gift ideas for a dog Dad? We've surveyed our team and come up with the coolest dog-related gifts for your guy. Some of them will help him and his pup have great adventures. Others are useful tools for raising a happy healthy pup!

Gunner Kennel, $399

Any adventurous and responsible pet parent will enjoy the gift of a Gunner G1 Kennel. When riding in a car, it’s important to either contain your dog in a crash-tested kennel or restrain them with a crash-tested seat belt. These 5-star crash tested kennels are the ultimate in comfort and safety for his dog (and are the only dog crates that have passed crash testing). We love the elevated floor with a drainage system just in case your dog has an accident while traveling. You can also see the quality in the product with stainless steel hardware, extra-strong kayak handles, & the enhanced wall thickness (which is why it’s so safe). They stand behind this quality with a Lifetime Warranty. If you think he doesn’t have enough room for one of these, see our PakMule listing below for a solution! Like us, Gunner is 100% American Made. They come in four sizes, and run $399 for the small up to $699 for the large.

Orvis Grip Tight Cargo Cover, $129

If he has an SUV or wagon, he will appreciate this super high quality Orvis Cargo Cover that will protect his cargo area from hair, mud, and gunk. It can be hosed off and good as new. It’s quilted so if the dog rides in the back it’s comfortable for any travel adventure. As its Grip Tight name suggests, it stays in place and does not move around. A waterproof, non-quilted flap can be folded down to cover the bumper so he keeps his clothes clean when loading & unloading. It also makes a nice spot for him to sit to put on his hunting or hiking boots before taking off down the trail. $129 for Large and $149 for Extra Large at Orvis.

Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag, $99.95

If your guy takes his best friend hiking, camping, or even road tripping then he and his pup are going to love the Ruffwear Sleeping Bag. This compressible, down-filled sleeping bag has an easy entry so your dog can snuggle in and when zipped it is effective at keeping your pup warm even in cool weather. If he isn’t a hard core backpacker, this sleeping bag also works well as a dog bed while traveling or outside on the porch. It comes in medium and large. As always, Ruffwear gear is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Medium, $99.95; Large, $139.95 at Ruffwear.

PakMule Original Cargo Carrier, $795     

If fitting all his gear, a family, and the dog into his rig isn’t possible anymore, your dog dad will love the PakMule. It’s a cargo carrier that you attach easily to his hitch and gives 12 square feet of more cargo room (about ½ the size of a truck bed). What’s more his coveted Yeti cooler fits perfectly. Made of aluminum, it will never rust and it can carry 500lbs of cargo even though it only weighs 42lbs. For an extra cost, you can purchase rod holders for it to carry fishing poles while traveling. You can also back up to the beach, cast a line, and put them in the holder until you get a bite. We love it because it’s so easy to install and uninstall, plus it gives us extra room for all our gear. The PakMule Original is $795 at Pakmule. If you have a jeep or vehicle that needs a high clearance, check out their other models.



Stunt Runner Hands Free Running Leash, $44

This is the top rated hands-free running leash on the market and perfect for the dog dad that likes to take his pup running. You just wrap the belt portion around your waist and attach the other end to your dog’s harness. It fits waists between 28-49”. The leash portion can be adjusted to pull your dog closer if running on sidewalks or give them more lead if he's running on a beach. It extends from 42-66”. We love this leash because it’s one of the most lightweight, it has a great bungee cord to absorb shock, comes in many colors, and is super easy to use. It’s also a great everyday leash for walks in the neighborhood. Available in 5 colors for $48 on Stunt Puppy.

Kuranda Raised Dog Bed, $64.95     

Raised dog beds have become very popular because they offer all of the health benefits of an orthopedic dog bed at a fraction of the price. Since it’s elevated, it’s also easier for dogs in pain to get on and off. It’s a great gift for a dog dad that has an older dog or one with joint pain or arthritis. Many dog training programs have also started using raised beds for ‘place’ training which is a way to reset your dog when they are exhibiting undesirable behaviors by sending them to their ‘place’. After much research, we found that the Kuranda Raised Dog Bed is the best. It’s durable and made in the USA. It comes with a 1-year chew proof warranty. From $64.95 to $169.95 depending on size, you can purchase it directly from Kuranda.


Hurtta Monsoon Coat ECO, $74.76-$115

If your dog dad and his pup are adventurers, even in foul weather, the Hurtta Monsoon Coat is the ultimate dog raincoat. Hurtta has a strong reputation as one of the best dog apparel companies out there and this coat is no exception. It's fully waterproof so it keeps his pup dry and has reflective piping so his dog will be seen at night. With 13 sizes, it fits a wide range of dogs and he's sure to get a good fit. The ECO version is sustainable, which we love, and is made of 100% recycled fabric. Price varies by size and starts at $74.76 going up to $115 for the largest size. Purchase at

The SpotOn Virtual Fence Also Makes a Great Gift!

Dog dads will love this GPS fence system because it’s so easy to use and setup. There are no buried wires so there’s no digging which means he can set it up in winter when the ground is frozen. He just walks the perimeter of the area where he wants to contain his dog to set the invisible fence. Now his dog can run free without worry. No more walking the dog when it’s dark and below freezing. He can just let his dog out the back door. Learn More.

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