How SpotOn’s Boundaries Work - for you and your pup!


SpotOn GPS Fence  is designed for properties at least ½ acre in size. Yes, you read it right - there is no boundary too big! You can create custom GPS fences, any size and shape, and even through water and tricky terrain. While it only takes 3 steps to set up your first fence, it’s helpful to first understand how the system and the boundaries of a GPS fence work.

SpotOn is powered by GPS, and does not require cellular, wires or base stations to contain your dog.  The special GPS antenna on the collar communicates with the satellites, sending the proper signals to your dog as he approaches the boundary.


With SpotOn, your dog is trained to the tones, vibration and an optional static correction. Unlike other systems, the SpotOn GPS Fence uses two sets of tones, then a vibration before issuing an optional static correction. Don’t worry if you can’t hear the tones - your pup can!


As your dog approaches the boundary, this is what he’ll hear:

  • The first tone, the Alert tone, is meant to be a friendly tone that signals your dog is inside his boundary. Your dog will hear this tone about 10 feet from the edge of the fence.
  • The second tone, the Warning tone, is a harsher sound that once trained, your dog will come to understand as the warning that a consequence will follow. This tone is issued five meters from the fence perimeter and is quickly followed by a vibration and optional static correction at the fence perimeter.
  • The two tones help your dog learn his boundaries and signal unsafe areas. Traditional buried wire and radius based “invisible” fence systems use only one tone (that often happens almost simultaneously with the static correction). The final consequence of the SpotOn system is vibration and an optional static correction, intended to protect your dog by quickly getting his attention so he returns to the center of the yard. 
  • Watch the video to see how your dog experiences the tones.

Learning the tones means that static correction becomes a true last resort. And since your dog learns to listen and not look for his cues, it will make it easier for your pup to learn his boundaries in new places. Additionally, SpotOn’s patented algorithms know the direction your dog is traveling and never issues a correction to a dog that has left his boundary and is coming home.


It's important to understand where the Alert tones are issued before planning your fence. You should also plan your fence to be at least 80 feet wide at its narrowest point, to ensure your pup has plenty of room to roam without hearing the tones!


GPS accuracy can vary up to 10 feet, based on GPS drift, a natural phenomenon found in all GPS products. To accommodate this drift, you also need a buffer zone of 15 feet from the outside of your boundary to any roads or unsafe environments.

Check out the video below to learn more about making fences.

Once your pup learns the tones, you can move the boundary at any time and create new custom fences, which is why the SpotOn system is so portable! SpotOn offers virtual containment virtually everywhere, so you can take it with you wherever you go - the beach, a vacation home, camping or if you move. To safely contain your dog with instant fences on the go, the circular perimeter feature will pinpoint your location and create an instant fence around you.


SpotOn does require training to teach your dog the cues and show him where the boundaries of his GPS fence are. The SpotOn training guide will teach your dog to respond to the alert and warning tones before crossing the perimeter. As all dog owners know, dogs can have a mind of their own, particularly more stubborn breeds, so the final warning is a static correction intended to protect your dog by quickly getting his attention. 

To get started, simply walk around the perimeter with your pup so he can experience the tones, using positive reinforcement to encourage your pup to return to the center of the yard when he hears the tones. Learn more about getting your pup trained in a few easy steps.

Learn more about training to the SpotOn fence here. Our network of trainers can also provide additional support. We offer one complimentary 30-minute training consultation with purchase.

Is SpotOn Right For You?

Our GPS dog fence is ideal for:

  • Properties over ½ acre, so your pup has room to roam without any boundary interference and to accommodate a buffer zone for GPS drift
  • Dogs with neck sizes from 10-26 inches
  • Pet parents that are comfortable leaving their dog unattended
  • Anyone on the go - SpotOn is portable & can travel with you

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