4 Tips for Keeping Your Dogs Out of Your Garden


If you spend a lot of time landscaping your garden, the last thing you want is for your dog to undo it all in seconds. But how do you keep your dogs out of your garden while allowing them the freedom to roam? We’ve got a few tips!

The Importance of Keeping Your Dogs Out of Your Garden

There are several reasons why you might want your pup to steer clear of your garden, from pride for your green thumb to the risk of toxic plant ingestion.

You Put a Lot of Time Into That Garden

You can’t expect your dogs to be considerate of the time you put into landscaping, but if you put a lot of effort into your garden, you want to keep your dogs out of that space and preserve that well-earned beauty.

Possibly Toxic Plants

If your garden has a variety of plants, one or more of them could pose a risk to your dog’s health. If you have toxic plants in your yard, or you just aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to keep your dogs away.

Your Dog is a Digger

Some dogs are serial diggers – especially breeds like terriers and beagles. If you’re an avid gardener, you don’t want to give your digger free rein over the space you have so carefully manicured.

Your Dog is a Houdini Dog

If you have an escape artist dog, you know how impressive their fence-jumping skills can get. Some dogs also like to find ways into spaces they’re not supposed to be – like your garden space… even if you have it fenced off.

4 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Out Of Your Garden

So, how do you keep that pup out of your precious garden space without keeping them cooped up indoors?

1. Train Your Dog

The first option to prevent your dog from tearing up your garden is to work on training. Training is one of the most reliable solutions to troublesome behavior because you are remodeling your dog’s behavior.

The benefit of training is that your dog will become much easier to handle, and you will have the opportunity to bond while training.

The drawback to training your dog not to run rampant in your garden is that it is not an instant solution to your problem. Training takes time and a lot of effort, even though it is worth it in the long haul!

2. Use Borders and Chicken Wire

Another way to keep your dog out of your garden is to use borders and chicken wire to separate or cover your gardening areas. By preventing your dog from accessing these spaces, you won't have to deal with dog damage or destruction.

The benefit of borders and chicken wire is that they provide an instant solution to keeping most dogs out of your garden space. However, this solution can be considered a little bit of an eyesore in the garden and doesn’t deter the more mischievous dogs.

3. Install a Wireless Boundary System

A wireless boundary system or a GPS dog fence is a fast solution to keeping your dogs out of your garden space, and it doesn’t create an eyesore. A GPS dog fence uses a smartphone app to create a freeform boundary, and the app connects to a collar that reinforces that boundary.

The benefit of a GPS dog fence is that it creates a safe but invisible boundary that your dog cannot cross, keeping them out of your garden without creating a physical barrier.

The drawback to a wireless boundary system is that not all GPS fence systems allow for customization like fencing through water or creating a fence-within-a-fence. SpotOn is one example of a wireless fence that allows users to fence through any terrain – plus a “Keep Out” zone feature, so you can create a “keep out” zone within an existing fence area!

4. Give Your Dog Their Own Garden to Play In!

Some dog owners choose to keep their dogs out of their gardens by creating a dog-safe backyard area. The idea behind this tactic is to distract the dog with their own space featuring good smells and even a digging area so they have no desire to explore your space.

The benefit of creating a dog-safe garden space is that it gives your dog somewhere to play without the risk of toxic plants, but it can also take time, effort, and expense to build. You must also have the yard space to create an additional area for your dog.

Spending time with your dog in the garden can be relaxing if you have the right tools! Whether you choose to install a GPS dog fence boundary, rely on training, or implement a deterrent system, soon you can enjoy your yard without worrying about your dog digging it up! If you choose a SpotOn GPS Fence, you can even create a fence-within-a-fence Keep Out zone to make that gorgeous garden off limits for your pup.

Author Bio:
Amy Brannan is a British native who currently resides in North Carolina with Jet, her 15-year-old senior black lab. Throughout her life, Amy has been owned by numerous Labrador retrievers, a Great-Dane pit-bull mix, and a very demanding border collie. For over 16 years, Amy has dedicated her life to dog training, and she currently works as a freelance writer, promoter of rescue dog awareness, and part-time for a local veterinary clinic.

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