Give your Dog a Zone. With Keep Out Zones & Home Zones.


Watch Keep Out Zones and Home Zones in Action.

SpotOn now lets you make GPS-based Keep Out Zones and Home Zones. So it’s even easier to let your dog run free without running into trouble.   

Keep Out Zones

This feature lets you create custom shape, off-limits areas within your fences. Set up fences inside your fence to keep your dog out of the garden, the pool, the chicken coop, or prevent playtime in the poison ivy patch. Keep Out Zones have a minimum size (30’ x 30’), but no maximum size.    

Why Make a Keep Out Zone?

@Modern Homestead uses a Keep Out Zone to prevent his Aussie, Sterling, from constantly herding the Alpacas back into the barn!

Stephanie from Michigan uses a Keep Out Zone to protect her garden, while her Mastiffs run free and enjoy the backyard.

“After losing our entire cantaloupe patch and other produce to our two sneaky Mastiffs last summer, I was thrilled to try out the new Keep Out Zone for our large garden!  This new feature has allowed me to isolate our “Forbidden Garden” from the dogs, giving me peace of mind and a whole lot more produce!”- Stephanie S.

Home Zones

With this feature, the tech knows exactly where your home is located within your fence, enabling the collar to automatically detect whether your dog is inside or outside.

Why is this important?

All GPS signals have a tough time with buildings and other covered areas because the signals can bounce off of the structure, causing unwanted false tones and corrections. Making a Home Zone will shut off collar corrections when your dog is indoors, so your dog can go in and out of the house freely with their collar on, without receiving any false corrections. 

Get the #1 Most Flexible GPS Dog Fence

For dog owners who prioritize the freedom of their pets, but also want to put smart safeguards in place to prevent them from injury or trouble, SpotOn is the ideal solution. With GPS-based Keep Out Zones, you can easily set off limits areas within your fence and Home Zones help make SpotOn smarter and better understand your unique property. 

Bring home SpotOn today and start living life unleashed!

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