Top Outdoor Dog Gifts: 10 Ideas for the Adventurous Pup


Do you have a dog that can't get enough of the great outdoors? Read on as Jen Sotolongo of Long Haul Trekkers highlights the best outdoor dog gear for canines who accompany their humans from the highest mountain top to backyard woods, and everywhere in between.

Hurtta Expedition Parka, $80.50

For those who don’t let the elements keep them indoors, the Expedition Parka from Hurtta will keep your dog toasty warm, even in the coldest temps. This jacket is especially designed for short-haired dogs with no undercoat, but can be worn by any dog. 

With ample adjustment points, Hurtta jackets fit most dogs, no matter how small or large they are. The Expedition Parka is waterproof and windproof and cut in a way that allows full range of motion for active dogs. Includes harness opening in some sizes. $80.50 at Hurtta

Biothane Leash from Gray and Hound, $35

Adventure dogs get dirty and leashes pick up all that mud and muck from outdoor play. Biothane is a waterproof, durable, and easy to clean material that is ideal for any exploration on the trail.

Gray and Hound is a small shop based out of the Pacific Northwest that handmakes adventure-ready gear for dogs. The two-toned biothane leashes are customizable, allowing purchasers to select from a number of bright colors and hardware preferences. $35 at their Etsy Store.

Fido Pro Airlift, $70

During a backcountry ski outing, Fido Pro founder Paul Hoskinson noticed a gash on his dog, Remi’s leg after the edge of his ski clipped her leg. While he carried a first aid kit, he wasn’t sure how he would get her down the mountain. With the help of friends, he was able to bring her back safely to the car, but he knew that had he been alone, he would have had to leave her behind to get help.

Inspired by the experience, he created the Fido Pro Airlift, a lightweight packable harness that would allow dog owners to carry their dogs off the trail in the event of an emergency. The Fido Pro Airlift is made in the USA and can carry dogs that weigh up to 150 lbs. Purchase for $70 at Fido Protection.

Ruffwear Quencher Bowl, $14.95     

This packable food and water bowl fits into your pocket for easy access and transport on the trail. Made from a water resistant shell and fabric, the Quencher Bowl from Ruffwear is the only dog bowl you need for hiking, backpacking, camping, and travel.  Available in three different sizes and colors to suit your needs for $14.95 at Ruffwear.



Muttruk Sidekick Hip Pack, $68

This ingenious all-in-one dog handler pouch fits everything you need for you and your dog for a short day hike or jaunt around the block. The Sidekick Hip Pack from Muttruk includes multiple pockets to store items like a cell phone, keys, dog treats, poop bags, a collapsible water bowl, and more. A hidden mesh pocket on the side stores a water bottle holder and a leash clip allows for hands-free walking.

The Kickstarter-backed company is a woman-owned shop based out of Colorado that is designing products that fill the vacancies in outdoor gear used by dog owners. $68 at Muttruk.

Qalo Silicone Dog ID Tag, $29.95     

From the creators of silicone wedding bands that allow outdoor enthusiasts to continue with their outdoor pursuits and not worry about expensive jewelry, Qalo silicone dog ID tags measure up to the same tough standards.

Available in a variety of outdoor-inspired designs and colors, these ID tags are designed with the adventure dog in mind. They are scratch resistant, waterproof, and durable. The material means no clinking noises from hitting against other dog tags. $29.95 at Qalo.


Iron Doggy Runner’s Choice Hands-Free Running Leash, $49.95

Runners who enjoy hitting the trails or road with their dog will love this thoughtfully-designed hands-free leash from Iron Doggy. The leash is adorned with various handles, knots, and a bungee system that can handle 215 lbs of strength to take the shock out of sudden lunges and pulls.

The Runner’s Choice leash includes an adjustable waist belt adorned with a sliding swivel snap hook and a stopper that keep your dog from cutting from side to side in front of you. The knots and handles provide convenient grabbing points when you need to reel in your dog at a moment’s notice. Also available in a shorter version, called the SideKick. $49.95 at Iron Doggy.

Cycle Dog Waterproof Collars, $23-$27     

This Portland, OR-based shop creates sustainable and eco-friendly products for dogs. The waterproof, no-stink collars are made using recycled bicycle tires and water bottles and hand-sewn in their Portland facility. Whereas nylon collars trap dirt, bacteria, and stench, Cycle Dog collars are completely odor-free even after a good romp in the mud or snow.

The latch-lock buckle is four times stronger than plastic buckles and for those dog owners who enjoy a beer at camp or on the trail, these collars come equipped with a bottle opener. In line with their commitment to sustainability, all Cycle Dog hand-sewn products can be repaired at no charge for the life of the product. $23-$27 at Cycle Dog.


Whyld River Doggy Bag, $89-$129


After an unexpectedly chilly backpacking trip left owner Rachel Bauman’s dog, River on the brink of hypothermia, she went in search of a dog bed that would prevent this outcome from happening again.

Dissatisfied with what she found readily available, she decided to make her own. The Doggy Bag is a sleeping bag for dogs with two detachable layers for warmer evenings or dogs who don’t like to be covered. The bed connects with snaps and toggles and is made from a durable and easy-to-clean ripstop nylon.
Filled with synthetic insulation, the Doggy Bag is machine washable and rated to 30℉, making it ideal for car camping, backpacking, and winter hikes. Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL. $89-$129 at Whyld River.


SpotOn GPS Fence, $999     

The outdoorsy person on your list will appreciate this innovative GPS dog containment system. It means more time off leash for their pup and less wrangling for their person. Dog owners can create custom virtual fences no matter where they are, anywhere in the world, thanks to the use of three different GPS systems and cellular technology. 


The technology is totally contained in the collar, so it’s portable and they can set up a new containment area in minutes at a campsite, park, beach or cabin rental. To create a containment area, users just need to walk the perimeter of the space.

The collar uses tones and optional static correction to contain their dog after training. For a small monthly fee, subscribers can get cellular connectivity and receive instant smartphone notifications and GPS tracking should a dog escape the virtual fence. If there’s no cell service, no problem. The containment system itself still works anywhere on Earth because it relies only on GPS.

SpotOn purchases include an in-depth training guide to teach dogs what the tones mean, with the option to use only tones or a mix of tones and static correction. 

To learn more about SpotOn GPS Fence and how it works, check out this page with a video.


Jen Sotolongo, Long Haul Trekkers | @longhaultrekkers

Jen is the owner and writer of the blog Long Haul Trekkers, a leading resource for adventure dogs and their humans. She is also a freelance writer, photographer, and dog mom, of course. She loves trail running, hiking, and camping in the mountains. She is born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and lives in Bend, OR with her rescued cattle dog mix, Sitka.


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