Wood Fence Cost & Calculator: How Much Does a Wood Dog Fence Cost?

In the market for a new dog fence? Let’s explore the good, the bad, and the budget-busting truths about wood fences. In this guide, we’ll go over the factors influence wood fence cost and offer a wood fence cost calculator tool to help you estimate just how much it will set you back 

The Pros and Cons of Wood Dog Fences

There's no denying the classic charm of a wood fence. It screams "home sweet home" with a warm, natural vibe that vinyl or chain link just can't match. Plus, a well-crafted wooden barrier can boost your property value and give your pup a cozy, private area to roam.

But before you start nailing boards, keep in mind that wood fences can be pricey, demanding regular upkeep to stay splinter-free and weather-worthy. They're also vulnerable to termites and the occasional overzealous digger who’s eager to explore beyond the backyard.

Wood Fence Cost Breakdown & Calculator

Quotes for wood fence installation cost can vary and it’s difficult to know what’s influencing the price tag. Let’s break down the key factors to consider:

Cost Breakdown

  • Wood Type: While pine wood is common and less pricey, it’s not as weather resistant or polished-looking. Cedar, Cypress, and Redwood fences will require less maintenance, and have a sleeker look with fewer knots – but it also will cost more.
  • Dimensions: The height and thickness of the fence will drive up the cost for materials and impact the overall price.
  • Number of Fence Posts: Adding fence posts to make a customizable boundary shape will add complexity, increase labor costs, and potentially require more materials amounting to an expensive fence.
  • Installation/Location: Lumber costs fluctuate nation-wide, so getting local quotes is key. In addition, your yard may feature complexities like rocky soil or sloped yard which will increase wood fence cost, as well. 
  • Aesthetic Additions: Gates, handles, hardware, and embellishments will both elevate the look, but also increase the price tag.

Wood Fence Cost Comparison

To help give you an idea of how these costs add up, explore our comparison chart as your own personal wood fence cost calculator to help inform your decision.

SpotOn GPS Fencing: Unleash Freedom for One Flat Fee

While wood fences have their merits, SpotOn GPS Fence has been described as a “gamechanger” by those who’ve made the switch from traditional fences. Imagine the reliability of a traditional fence boundaries for one flat fee covering unlimited acreage with non installation or maintenance: this is where SpotOn stands out!

  • One-Time Installation: Ditch the annual fence painting parties and make custom fences on your smartphone using the SpotOn app.
  • Zero Maintenance: No more splinters, rot, or termite worries. Just pure, worry-free playtime.
  • Adaptable Zones: Expand your dog's kingdom as you please – a weekend trip to the cabin? SpotOn’s got it covered.
  • Enhanced Pet Safety: Stay connected with real-time tracking and escape notifications so you’ll always have tabs on your dog.
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Wood Fence FAQs

Can I install my own wood fence?

Yes. With the correct tools and know-how, wooden fences can become a DIY weekend project. However, be sure to get quotes from professionals so you can uncover any complexities that are beyond your skillset.

How do you maintain a wooden fence?

Every two years, you can expect to paint or stain your wood fence to help keep its durability intact. Throughout the year, make sure to trim back any bushes or vines that are leaning or climbing up your fence and assess areas for rot or breakage. You’ll also want to be diligent about your lawn care or garden watering routine to ensure that your sprinklers don’t spray the fence, which can lead to rot. The same goes for your neighbors - always practice positive dog fence etiquette to avoid neighborhood disputes.

How long does a wood fence last?

While proper maintenance, a well-built wood fence can last 20 years or more.

How much does it cost to repair a wood fence?

Repair costs vary but addressing issues promptly can save you money in the long run. Simple patch-ups will be more budget-friendly, while major repairs or complete replacements of sections of your fence will have a deeper impact on your wallet.

Choose a GPS Dog Fence

To sum it up, wood dog fences offer style with considerations for cost. By using the wood fence cost calculator comparison chart, you now have a better idea of the traditional dog fence costs. However, if you’re ready to explore the top alternative to traditional fencing, consider bringing home SpotOn GPS Fence today.

Author Bio:
Jacqui Lantagne is a New England-based animal lover who enjoys spoiling Milton, a spirited mixed breed rescue dog.

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