Chain Link Fence Cost & Calculator: How Much Does a Chain Link Dog Fence Cost?

Thinking that a chain link fence will be the perfect, affordable solution for giving your dog more room to roam in your backyard? In this article, we'll dive into the pros and cons of chain link fences, shedding light on the factors that affect their cost. Plus, we’ll present a Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator comparison chart so you can make well-informed decisions about your pets and property's boundaries.

The Pros and Cons of Chain Link Dog Fences



Chain link's have some undeniable strengths. They’re tough as nails, weathering storms and rough-and-tumble backyard play with ease. It's wallet-friendly, usually cheaper than wood or vinyl fence options.

However, there are some drawbacks. Chain link fences don’t exactly offer privacy and let's face it, its aesthetic doesn't match up to aesthetic fence choices. Plus, adventurous diggers like terriers might consider it an invitation to tunnel beyond your backyard.

Chain Link Fence Cost Breakdown & Calculator

While chain link fences are often the most affordable dog fence option, that’s not always the case. Take for example Jordin, a SpotOn customer in Ontario, Canada, who lives on a 40-acre property.

“We did a lot of research when it came to choosing a fence. We started with a traditional chain link fence and received a quote from a local contractor for over $13,000 to fence in our 1-acre side yard.”

For Jordin, this price tag simply wasn’t in the budget for her family’s 40-acre property. To help avoid sticker shock and better understand the investments required to install a chain link fence, let’s explore the factors influencing chain link fence prices.

Cost Breakdown

  • Gauge of the Chain Link: The thickness of the wire on your chain link fence will impact cost. Thicker gauge is more durable but pricier, while thinner wire is more budget-friendly but not as long-lasting.
  • Height and Length of the Fence: Simply put, the more fence you need, the more you'll shell out.
  • Number of Fence Posts: More posts equal more digging and installation costs. Remember, uneven terrain can also up the ante.
  • Installation Complexity: DIY can be tempting, but hiring a pro often means a smoother (and possibly faster) process, especially for tricky installations.
  • Aesthetic Additions: Gates, privacy slats, and fancy coatings can add pizzazz and privacy, but they'll also add to the final cost.

Chain Link Fence Cost Comparison

Ready to ditch the guesswork and sniff out your exact chain link price tag? Use our user-friendly Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator chart below! 

SpotOn GPS Fencing: A Smart Alternative for Large Properties

Not convinced that chain link fences are the best fit for you? Consider SpotOn GPS Fence. SpotOn offers your dog boundless freedom, without the cost or hassle of a chain link fence and the aesthetic compromises that come with it. Here are the features and benefits that make SpotOn the top alternative to a chain link fence:

  • One-time Installation Costs: SpotOn stands out with a one-time fee covering unlimited acreage.
  • Adaptability: Tailor your virtual fence with ease, ensuring it suits your property perfectly.
  • Enhanced Pet Safety: Explore features like boundary customization, real-time tracking, and portability.
Discover How SpotOn Works

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Are chain link fences the cheapest fencing option?

Yes, chain link fences are often considered one of the most affordable fencing options.

What is the average lifespan of a chain link fence?

With proper maintenance, a chain link fence can last up to 20 years or more.

Do chain link fences lower property value?

Generally, chain link fences don't significantly impact property value.

Choose a GPS Dog Fence

Understanding the costs associated with chain link dog fences is crucial for responsible pet ownership. Our Chain Link Fence Cost Calculator empowers you to make informed decisions. But, if you’re ready to ditch traditional fences and take your boundaries to the next level, SpotOn GPS Fence is a game-changer that will keep your backyard secure.

Author Bio:
Jacqui Lantagne is a New England-based animal lover who enjoys spoiling Milton, a spirited mixed breed rescue dog.

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