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In Dayton, the abundance of open parkland and sprawling residential yards await your dog’s adventure, but dog owners like you worry about safe containment.

Crafted with Dayton's unique geographical challenges in mind, our GPS-based dog fencing liberates dogs and owners from the constraint of physical fences.

Tackling Dayton's Diverse Terrain with Precision GPS Dog Fencing

Dayton, Ohio, offers a diverse range of terrain for adventurous dogs and their owners – rolling hills, woodland areas, farm acreage, and even waterside residences. But this varied landscape can create headaches for those seeking to fence in their four-legged companions. Traditional physical fences don't easily adapt to slopes, woodland undergrowth can become thorny obstacles of installation, and fences that run through wetland or riverbanks are hopeless. For those with land stretching across several acres, traditional fencing only multiplies in expense and complication.

SpotOn's precision GPS system needs no installation and effortlessly configures to the unique contours of your Dayton property - be it a hillside home or a farm beside the river. Create multiple fences for your large property, all without disfiguring the natural beauty with hardware. With SpotOn, you will be able to let your dog explore the Ohioan terrain freely – from the cool waters of the River to the wooded groves, while confidently knowing they're bounded by secure virtual fences.

#1 Rated GPS dog fence

Better tech means more reliability. No wonder SpotOn has more 5-star ratings than any other GPS dog fence.

  • Sets up in Minutes - Any Size/Shape

    Create fences from ½ acre to 1K+ acres at home, on the go, or if you move.
  • Most accurate GPS Boundaries

    SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology taps into a network of 128 satellites to provide boundary accuracy comparable to a buried wire fence.

    SpotOn is 7x more accurate than the other GPS smart fence. Head-to-head testing by an independent lab revealed SpotOn is the most precise and reliable solution. See the results.
  • Works Anywhere - Even Remote Areas

    SpotOn uses GPS to contain your dog. It works anywhere on the planet - even in remote areas without a subscription. Add a cell subscription to unlock additional features.
  • Details & Specs

      SpotOn includes a GPS network connection that allows you to create, save, and use unlimted GPS fences. Also included in the box:

    • 1 SpotOn collar
    • 2 sets of static contact points
    • Static contact point tester/insertion tool
    • Charging base and wall charger
    • User guide

    Package Dimensions: 8in x 7.13 in x 4.19 in
    Package Weight: 1lb, 14.7 oz
    Size Small fits a neck size of 10” - 14”
    Size Medium fits a neck size of 12” - 18”
    Size Large fits a neck size of 17" - 26”
    Battery Type: Rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery
    Battery Life: up to 25 hours
    Time to full charge: 1 hour
    Sim Card: universal - connects to closest towers
    GPS: High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou receiver

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Size Guide

Collar Size Guide:

Selecting the right size is important! It ensures your collar’s antenna will face the sky and receive the strongest GPS signal, making the entire system more accurate.

1. Measure your dog’s neck just above their regular collar.

2. Make sure you can fit two fingers under the measuring tape.

3. Select correct size.

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Endure Dayton's Diverse Weather with SpotOn Fence

Dayton, Ohio is no stranger to seasons—each one offering its unique set of weather challenges that can scramble a conventional fencing solution. The hourglass freezes in winter as a blanket of frost wraps around the city, potentially damaging traditional fences. The sweltering summers, coupled with bouts of storms and the occasional flood, can also test the weather-hardiness of any fencing material.

Unlike your standard fence, the SpotOn Fence uses GPS technology to keep your dogs safe and happy, regardless of Dayton's unpredictable weather. This ground-breaking system doesn't mind a bit of snow or summer rain. Its award-winning technology is not just rain or shine—it's also through the dense, Ohio shrubbery and across your land, whether it's an acre or a thousand acres. With its real-time tracking and escape alerts, SpotOn Fence continuously offers peace of mind, freeing you to relish the Ohio seasons with your dog by your side.

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Dog Fencing Solutions for Vast Dayton Spaces

In the neighborhoods of Dayton, strict pet containment policies can often pose a challenge to your dog's natural desire for freedom and exploration. With local ordinances requiring that dogs are leashed or confined within the owner's property limits, fostering an environment of liberation for your furry friend with traditional fences might seem impossible.

SpotOn's cutting-edge GPS technology allows you to create customizable boundaries that fit Dayton laws, while letting your dog experience the thrill of off-leash adventures. With SpotOn, there’s no need for physical fences or tethered restraints. Relish in the peace of mind knowing your dog is safely exploring, all within the limits you define.

Shielding Dayton's Wildlife With GPS Fencing

Dayton, Ohio: a city bustling with charming wildlife like squirrels, enticing your dogs into a playful chase, or the majestic deer that roam freely, bringing the wonder of nature to your very backyard – but balancing these delights with the safety of the local wildlife and your dog can be difficult. Traditional physical fences present barriers and hazards, making them far from ideal for the free-spirited dogs that dig under and jump over.

With SpotOn, precision GPS fencing means that your dogs can soak up every bit of freedom that vast Ohio spaces offer yet stay within the safe boundaries set by you. There's no need for excavation or obstruction, just easy, custom fence setup via an app. With SpotOn Fence, Dayton's wildlife can thrive while giving your dogs the leash-free liberty they deserve.

  • Works in remote areas

    True Location™ GPS technology - the most advanced in GPS dog fences- provides precision accuracy, even in the woods.

  • No Subscription Required

    Optional Boundary Boost™ upgrade gives real-time GPS dog collar tracking notifications if your dog leaves the virtual fence and lets you use the app to call them home.

  • Quick-charge battery

    Stay out all day and recharge in about an hour with included power adaptor (lasts about 22 hours per charge).

  • App enabled

    Lets you & your family manage your dogs and fences from your phone.

  • Proven Containment Method

    Keeps dogs contained with two alert tones and (optional) static correction or vibration + SpotOn never corrects a dog returning to the fence.

  • Can Be Worn Indoors

    Only SpotOn lets you set a GPS perimeter around your home to disable feedback and eliminate false warnings or corrections indoors.

  • Waterproof

    Let your dog swim, splash & play in the rain - our GPS dog collar has an IP67 rating.

  • Designed & assembled in the usa

    We proudly design, develop & manufacture in New Hampshire.

Unleashing Freedom in Dayton With SpotOn Fence

Dayton, OH is a playground for you and your four-legged adventure companion. Soak up nature's grandeur surrounded by local gems like Twin Creek MetroPark or John Bryan State Park. With acres of sprawling green spaces, hills, rivers, and walking trails, there's plenty for you and your dog to discover. With SpotOn's GPS fence, your dog can freely roam these vast, open spaces, giving them the exciting opportunity to forge their own path, while still under your watchful eye.

Embark on a trip down to Eastwood MetroPark and let your dog join the fun. Create a virtual enclosure anywhere along the park's lake, and allow them to explore while still maintaining their safety. SpotOn's no-go-zone feature allows you to carve out areas within the park where you don't want your dog to roam. Whether you're planning a long-term trip or just an afternoon away from home, SpotOn's innovative technology empowers your dog with the freedom they love while giving you peace of mind.

SpotOn: Your Dog Fencing Solution in Dayton, OH

Embrace the wide-open spaces of Dayton, OH without worrying about keeping your dogs safely contained. Our precision GPS fencing keeps your pup safe within the bounds you've defined.

Unleash your dog’s potential for exploration and discovery, without compromising on their safety.

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