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Learn what makes SpotOn different

In Southampton, sprawling beaches and inviting green spaces make an ideal stomping ground for your adventurous pup. However, the ample open land, coupled with intriguing water bodies, can bring up safety concerns for dog owners who want their dogs to have more freedom.

Breathe easy with SpotOn Fence; a no-installation GPS fencing system made to address Southampton dog-fencing challenges. It's time to give your dog a sense of liberty in the lush landscapes of Southampton.

Taming Southampton's Sprawling Terrain with GPS Dog Fencing

Southampton's allure comes from its idyllic mix of high-end properties and untouched nature. But while your pup might enjoy exploring through thick brush and wide meadows, creating a safe boundary for them can be daunting. Traditional fencing solutions grapple with Southampton's diverse terrain, requiring expensive, intrusive installations that disrupt the property's aesthetic and natural environment.

That's where SpotOn Fence steps in. With precise GPS fencing, SpotOn creates boundaries on any terrain— from lush meadow to dense woods— with no need for physical installation. This high-tech fencing contours seamlessly to your Southampton property while preserving its beauty. And with ability to fence over hundreds of acres, your dog can safely roam your large estate. Add in additional features of custom app setup, real-time tracking, and escape alerts, SpotOn brings ease and peace of mind where traditional fencing cannot. Explore Southampton freely, knowing your dogs are safe with SpotOn.

#1 Rated GPS dog fence

Better tech means more reliability. No wonder SpotOn has more 5-star ratings than any other GPS dog fence.

  • Sets up in Minutes - Any Size/Shape

    Create fences from ½ acre to 1K+ acres at home, on the go, or if you move.
  • Most accurate GPS Boundaries

    SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology taps into a network of 128 satellites to provide boundary accuracy comparable to a buried wire fence.

    SpotOn is 7x more accurate than the other GPS smart fence. Head-to-head testing by an independent lab revealed SpotOn is the most precise and reliable solution. See the results.
  • Works Anywhere - Even Remote Areas

    SpotOn uses GPS to contain your dog. It works anywhere on the planet - even in remote areas without a subscription. Add a cell subscription to unlock additional features.
  • Details & Specs

      SpotOn includes a GPS network connection that allows you to create, save, and use unlimted GPS fences. Also included in the box:

    • 1 SpotOn collar
    • 2 sets of static contact points
    • Static contact point tester/insertion tool
    • Charging base and wall charger
    • User guide

    Package Dimensions: 8in x 7.13 in x 4.19 in
    Package Weight: 1lb, 14.7 oz
    Size Small fits a neck size of 10” - 14”
    Size Medium fits a neck size of 12” - 18”
    Size Large fits a neck size of 17" - 26”
    Battery Type: Rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery
    Battery Life: up to 25 hours
    Time to full charge: 1 hour
    Sim Card: universal - connects to closest towers
    GPS: High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou receiver

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Size Guide

Collar Size Guide:

Selecting the right size is important! It ensures your collar’s antenna will face the sky and receive the strongest GPS signal, making the entire system more accurate.

1. Measure your dog’s neck just above their regular collar.

2. Make sure you can fit two fingers under the measuring tape.

3. Select correct size.

- +

Unfailing GPS Fence Coverage for Southampton's Coastal Climate

In the heart of Long Island, Southampton, NY, is renowned for its temperate summers, and chilly, windswept winters. But its idyllic seaside beauty doesn't come without fencing issues. Ice storms can wreak havoc on conventional fences, and heavy rains create challenging maintenance woes. Plus, hauling traditional fences around spacious homesteads or coastal properties isn't exactly a walk on the beach.

With no installation rigors or weather concerns, SpotOn's GPS system makes dog containment easy. The system's resilience and precision design offer boundless freedom for your dog to roam safely, come blizzard or sunshine. This adaptive solution fences sprawling estates effortlessly, allowing you to customize virtual fences right from your smartphone.

Iphone Screenshot of fence

Navigating Pet Containment Regulations in Southampton, NY

Tucked away on the south fork of Long Island, Southampton, NY is renowned for its stunning coastline and expansive properties. However, as with any city, pet containment laws are enforced to maintain safety. The city's ordinances uphold that dogs must be suitably restrained, making traditional fencing a common sight. Yet, these physical fences often impose limitations on the open space and waterfront views enjoyed by you and your dogs.

With SpotOn's advanced GPS fencing technology, you can provide your pups with the freedom to safely explore your Southampton property in alignment with local regulations. There's no need for physical fencing that's expensive and time consuming to install. Whether your property covers an acre or spans hundreds, SpotOn allows a custom fence app set-up, with real-time tracking and alerts if you pup ever breaches the boundary.

Safeguarding Southampton's Wildlife with Precision GPS Fencing

Southampton, NY is a mesmerizing spectacle of nature's best performers, from scampering squirrels to beautiful deer. These majestic creatures add a sense of tranquility to your home, but sometimes they can also unintentionally send your dogs into overzealous chases, causing containment problems and potential harm to our woodland friends. The age-old solution of physical fences doesn't always deter your dogs as they can burrow beneath or leap over it.

Engineered with precise GPS fencing, SpotOn provides a modernized solution to traditional dog containment struggles. Regardless of your property spanning across coastlines, dense woods, or rugged terrains, SpotOn Fence gives your dogs the much-needed freedom to explore safely, eliminating the risks of escapes or accidents. Not to mention, the system is entirely customizable via our user-friendly app. Want multiple fences across your property? Check. Need real-time tracking with instant escape alerts? Double-check. Even establishing 'Keep out Zones' is a breeze. So you can relax knowing that your dogs are having the time of their lives in a safe, secure environment while Southampton's breathtaking wildlife continues to inspire wonder in your backyard.

  • Works in remote areas

    True Location™ GPS technology - the most advanced in GPS dog fences- provides precision accuracy, even in the woods.

  • No Subscription Required

    Optional Boundary Boost™ upgrade gives real-time GPS dog collar tracking notifications if your dog leaves the virtual fence and lets you use the app to call them home.

  • Quick-charge battery

    Stay out all day and recharge in about an hour with included power adaptor (lasts about 22 hours per charge).

  • App enabled

    Lets you & your family manage your dogs and fences from your phone.

  • Proven Containment Method

    Keeps dogs contained with two alert tones and (optional) static correction or vibration + SpotOn never corrects a dog returning to the fence.

  • Can Be Worn Indoors

    Only SpotOn lets you set a GPS perimeter around your home to disable feedback and eliminate false warnings or corrections indoors.

  • Waterproof

    Let your dog swim, splash & play in the rain - our GPS dog collar has an IP67 rating.

  • Designed & assembled in the usa

    We proudly design, develop & manufacture in New Hampshire.

Experience Southampton with SpotOn's Portable Virtual GPS Dog Fence and Collar

Southampton, NY is more than just an idyllic coastal town nestled on Long Island – it's a playground for pups and their human companions, filled with an abundance of outdoor wonders waiting to be discovered. From the miles of pristine coastline, perfect for surf-side frolics, to the sprawling reserves of Sears Bellows County Park laced with pet-friendly walking trails, you're never far from nature's beauty.

SpotOn is ready for Southampton adventures, allowing you to sculpt virtual dog fence boundaries across your favorite locations, be it the rolling dunes or the dense brush of the nature reserves. You can enjoy your surroundings worry-free, knowing your dogs are secure as they trot along the trails or paddle in the waves. From your Southampton home to your beachfront picnic spot, SpotOn fosters a new breed of canine containment that marries freedom with safety.

SpotOn: Custom Virtual Dog Fencing in Southampton, NY

Discover the peace of mind that SpotOn Fence can offer you and your dog in Southampton, NY. Overcome the challenges of the coastal terrain, water bodies, and large property limits with precision GPS fencing that requires no installation.

Learn more about how SpotOn Fence is the ultimate solution for your Southampton area, providing your dog with the freedom to explore safely within the custom boundaries you set.

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