SpotOn Fence: The Top Underground Dog Fence Alternative

When comparing underground vs wireless dog fences, SpotOn’s wire-free GPS fence comes out on top every time. With no trenches to dig or wires to bury, SpotOn lets users draw a containment area using a smartphone app, combining modern tech with a top-of-the-line wireless containment system for reliable but flexible virtual fencing.

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SpotOn Fence: The Best Electric Dog Collar for Containment

Unleash your dog at last with SpotOn’s GPS-powered electric dog collar and virtual boundary system. With the SpotOn GPS fence, you can worry less while your dog explores more.When it comes to containing your dog, we know that accuracy matters. That’s why we’ve paired our patented True Location™ technology with the most precise GPS hardware available to design the best electronic dog collar for containment.

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SpotOn’s technology allows users to create multiple fences ranging from ½ acre to 1000+ acres and works around even the most complicated terrain obstacles. And unlike buried fences that you’d have to dig out of the ground to modify, the SpotOn Fence takes seconds to adjust within your smartphone app.


Unlike underground fences, all of SpotOn’s GPS fence containment tech fits right in our collar – so you can use it anywhere. Whether it’s a friend’s backyard or a vacation home across the country, you can easily draw a fence with our intuitive smartphone app for a wireless GPS-powered fence at your fingertips wherever you go.


SpotOn’s GPS-powered alternative to underground dog fences requires zero building or physical installation. Simply draw a fence on your smartphone app and get started – no need to dig up your yard and bury a physical wire.

Leave Underground Dog Fences Behind

How Does an Underground Dog Fence Work?

Popularized in the 1970s, the outdated buried wire dog fence relies on physical wiring, a transmitter, and a receiver attached to a collar to operate. The underground fence transmitter must be connected to a temperature-controlled, dry area where it broadcasts a radio signal through the fencing wire buried underground around the boundary perimeter. When the collar receiver comes within a set proximity of the active wire, the radio sends a correction to the receiver. The collar correction alerts the dog to its closeness to the fence boundary and acts as a deterrent.

Underground Dog Fence Installation

All underground dog fencing requires the physical installation of wiring around the boundary perimeter. This means digging a trench in your yard space, and it also severely limits where fencing can be placed. For example, an underground fence cannot pass directly through solid rock, a driveway, or a body of water without significant landscaping changes.

Of course, underground dog fences aren’t suitable as a portable dog containment solution – the fence stays where you bury it.

The cost of professional installation is another drawback to the underground dog fence system, although it is avoidable with DIY underground fencing kits. However, the do-it-yourself options tend to waver in quality while leaving you with the heavy lifting.

Underground vs Wireless Dog Fences

As an alternative to underground dog fences, wireless GPS containment systems like SpotOn give both you and your dog more freedom and flexibility.

No physical installation or yard destruction – just a quick and easy app setup.
• The freedom to create custom fence shapes and easily make perimeter changes even after installation.
• The ability to create multiple and overlapping fences and save those boundaries for future use.
• The option to set up perimeter fences instantly in multiple locations.
• Unique, detailed tracking features for pinpointing your dog’s precise location.
• Installation cost remains the same regardless of your property size.

Choose the Best Underground Dog Fence Alternative

Compared to other underground dog fence alternatives, SpotOn offers an unparalleled level of customization and portability. Plus, SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology relies on four GPS systems for precision location accuracy. And since it doesn’t rely on cell reception, you can rest assured that your dog is contained – even in remote areas and spotty weather.


What makes SpotOn GPS Fence so convenient?

• Create custom fences from ½ acre to 1,000+ acres. Follow unusual property lines and fence through tricky terrain and obstacles like water, rocks and heavy brush.
• There's no hardware to install so you can make fences at home, at a 2nd home, on the go, or if you move.
• Create, save and edit GPS dog fences wherever and whenever you need them.
• No cell service required to contain your dog with GPS fences. An optional cell subscription lets you keep tabs on and track your dog.
• Simply walk the boundary or draw your fence in the app and SpotOn does the rest. Then manage it from your phone.


Why Our Customers Chose SpotOn Over Underground Dog Fences

GPS dog collar r eview

“By him understanding the parameters, he has not crossed the street or even chased deer or turkeys that are right on our neighbor's property. I am very impressed with the collar and its capabilities.”–Melanie, Owner

wireless GPS collar on outdoor dog

“We are really happy with the system overall. It has met our needs for some unique terrain challenges we have used it both at home and at a new piece of property we recently purchased. The system's instructions were clear and it was a straightforward set up over a long afternoon.” – Sara, Owner

Give your pup more freedom with the most reliable GPS fence for dogs!

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