Lab Mix Gets Acre of Freedom Without Buried Wires: Haus' Story


Meet Haus, a lab-mix from Lannon, Wisconsin! Haus's personality is fun, crazy, and very protective! He is a very unique dog and his owner, Melanie, says that he’s her absolute pride and joy. He is extremely loving and cares immensely about his people. Going on runs and walks are his absolute favorite! Haus and his family like to get out on the sidewalk or even the trails near the house. Haus has so much energy that there are days his family will do longer runs together—up to five miles—and, of course, he always handles it like a champ.

Haus’s family recently moved to a new area where there were no fences to contain him. In preparation for the big move, they did a lot of research on wireless fences. The family came to find out that a buried wire fence simply wasn’t feasible for their acre lot—it was too expensive, the wait was too long to have installed by a professional, and it was not realistic for them to install on their own. Also, with winter right around the corner, the family wanted to act fast so they wouldn’t have to chain up their pup in snow and ice! 

Buried wire fence simply wasn’t feasible for their acre lot—it was too expensive, the wait was too long to have installed by a professional, and it was not realistic for them to install on their own.

A GPS Fence that gave Haus what he needed, freedom to run.

They found SpotOn and felt that of all the fence options, this GPS fence best met their needs. Their minds were put at ease when they read about the 45-day return policy that would give them time to see if Haus could learn the system. After receiving their SpotOn Fence, the family did about a week of training and Haus quickly picked up on where he could and couldn't go! Now Haus can run freely throughout the property.

Being able to take the fence on-the-go has made a world of a difference for both Haus and the family. Haus gets very excited when he gets to go to the family farm where he grew up. He enjoys very much going out in the field for a game of chase and sprinting alongside the four-wheeler! He is meant to be free and loves his life off-leash. 

“By him understanding the parameters, he has not crossed the street or even chased deer or turkeys that are right on our neighbor's property. I am very impressed with the collar and its capabilities.”
– Owner, Melanie M.

Even at 4 years old, Haus still acts like a puppy and loves to do his zoomies around the yard. The family says it never gets old watching him wind up and go crazy in circles. Being extremely friendly, he also plays super well with other dogs. From when he was just a few months old his family made sure to take him to daycare so he could make a few friends. Over the years he has made many friends that he frequently has play-dates and hangs out with on the weekends. After a long day of activities and socializing, he loves to lounge. Some days, Melanie can’t tell who snores louder, Haus, or her fiancé!

The family is very happy that they no longer have to worry about Haus chasing the mailman or the kids running around on the street. They get a lot of furry visitors as well—deer, turkey, and geese—and no longer have to stress about Haus chasing them into the woods behind their house. With SpotOn, both Melanie and her fiancé can rest assured that he is safe within their property and won’t take off when they aren’t on the lookout.

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