A Happy Husky with 2 Acres of Freedom: Balto's Story

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Meet Balto from Smithfield, North Carolina.

This handsome 2 ½ year old Husky is a rescue pup and as sweet as can be!

He came with the name Tundra, but according to his mom, that name just did not fit. After some debate about a new name, his pup parents remembered the movie ‘Balto’. Inspired by the movie, they originally thought about naming him Steele, after the villain in the movie who he most closely resembles. But his personality was just too sweet to be named after a villain! So instead he became Balto, after the hero of the movie.

And now Balto is the hero of his own family, and protects his family at all costs. When not on protection duty however, he’s a pretty chill dog. He's also a little lazy for a Husky, and a total snuggle-bunny!

He is extremely curious and loves being outside. Luckily for him, Balto now has plenty of room to roam and reasons to explore. He lives on a 6 acre farm, with some woods and a pond. About 3 acres are fenced in for the farm animals, leaving about 2+ acres open for his three GPS fences. He loves to run around with their other dog Copper, play fetch with his family, and excitedly greet any and all visitors.

Despite this fun-loving boy being a little lazy for a Husky, he does indeed have some core Husky traits. He is an escape artist (as many Huskies are), and naturally prey-driven. Which meant he was not to be trusted on his own, without some containment. So what was life like before SpotOn?

‘Balto was on a regular wireless containment collar, and it served its purpose of keeping him in the yard and away from the farm animals. However, his space was extremely limited. He had maybe a quarter of an acre if that. Balto was bored and couldn't freely run around with his buddy Copper. After getting the SpotOn Fence, he has so much more freedom. He has almost 2 acres to run around in, while keeping a safe distance from the farm distance.’  Brenda M. Owner

Since SpotOn, they are both happier. Brenda is relieved that Balto has the freedom he needs, and she has the peace of mind she needs.

‘The peace of mind that comes with being able to give Balto freedom to be a happy dog and keeping my farm animals safe. The GPS tracking feature gives me an added sense of security when we are not home. I can check the app and see exactly where he is.’

As for what sold Brenda on SpotOn GPS Fence? Beyond the ability to give Balto the contained freedom he needs, she likes the unlimited boundary size and the ability to customize fences. Her other favorite feature is the GPS tracking, which is not surprising given Balto’s previous escape antics.

‘We are a lot less stressed. Balto now has the space to let his energy out, by running instead of getting into trouble with the farm animals.’

So far they’ve used SpotOn at home and at her parents' house. Taking Balto to her parents is now a whole new experience, and more enjoyable for all.

‘We get to go to my parents house and can let him run around their property without worrying about him running off.’

Check out Balto & her mom Brenda in action.

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Author Bio:
Amy McPoland is a dog mom, dog lover and Sr. Brand Strategist at SpotOn Fence.

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