Keeping This Goat-Herding Pup On her 200 Acre Farm: Ana's Story

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Meet Ana from Rio Rico, Arizona.

Ana is a one year old Akbash, a traditional Turkish breed of Livestock Guardian dog originally from western Anatolia. She lives on a 220 acre ranch, which is a rehabilitation center for troubled, at risk youth.

As part of the rehabilitation program, the staff maintains a small herd of milking goats. The goats are Ana’s flock, and she takes her job of herding them very seriously. This busy girl also has a second job on the ranch. She is also an emotional support animal for the kids on the ranch, who have all adopted her! Since one of her favorite things is to get petted, it works out well for everyone.

Ana is a sweet and playful pup, and always up for some fun. As is common with her LGD breed however, she also has wanderlust. Which made life on the ranch problematic before SpotOn.

‘Ana had a bad habit of wandering out of the area of the farm designated for the herd and was causing all kinds of problems in her meanderings.’ - ShaRu W.

So one of the staff members researched SpotOn, and thought it would be the ideal solution to keep their wandering Ana home and out of trouble.

‘We are happy to report that the problem is now solved!’

Since SpotOn, life is better for all on the ranch. The entire staff now sleeps better at night, not having to worry about Ana wandering away and getting into trouble. This new found peace of mind has improved their bond with Ana, now that the worry is gone.

As for Ana, this happy farm girl has plenty of room to roam, and the freedom she needs to guard her goats. Her 12 acre GPS fence goes around the entire farm perimeter, and she learned to respect her virtual boundaries easily with training. 

And when she’s not on goat duty, she loves to relax and sleep outside, happily content within her fence.

As for what initially sold them on SpotOn? They needed an easy solution to contain Ana, and liked that SpotOn is customizable, doesn’t require any wires or set up, and you can keep tabs on your dog’s location on the app. 

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Author Bio:
Amy McPoland is a dog mom, dog lover and Sr. Brand Strategist at SpotOn Fence.

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