Now This Hound Mix is Free to Protect Her 48 Acre Farm: Esmy's Story


Meet Esmy from Collinwood, Tennessee.

This super sweet hound mix is 2 ½, and lives on a 48 acre farm of rolling hills and open pasture, including some wooded and scrubby brush areas. As for how Esmy ended up here, it seems to have been fate.

Esmy's mother was a feral stray that wandered into the woods near where pup parents SE and Danny  were living. One morning they woke up to her mother killing their chickens, and ran outside to scare her away. The mom dog ran away and left behind one of her puppies, who became Esmy.

‘We lost a couple of chickens, but gained the sweetest dog we've ever known!’ - SE & Danny B.

Despite her rocky history with barnyard birds, Esmy is well behaved and gentle with the chickens and geese. She’s a sensitive girl who is eager to please, and wants nothing more than to make her pup parents happy. She’s also extremely intelligent and loves to learn, including training and tricks. Pup parent SE says she learns every new trick quickly, and loves to show off her new skills!

With two fences that span 30 acres, Esmy has plenty of room to run and enjoy her freedom. She loves to run alongside her pup parents on the four wheeler when it’s going full speed!  And when they bush hog the pasture, this smart girl stays close by for hunting, knowing that the tractor stirs up the field mice. When she’s not following her parents‘ outdoor activities, she’s constantly patrolling the property and barking to keep any potential predators away.

While it’s not quite ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, Esmy does have a favorite goose game. She likes to get as close as she can to the geese, then when they start to come toward her she'll turn and run away as fast as she can! Since she is a busy girl, this fun loving pup also enjoys long naps in the sunshine in between all her fun farm games.

Before SpotOn Fence, life was different for Esmy and her parents. Esmy was an indoor dog, and SE and Danny were always worried about the chickens and geese outside, without any protection from predators.

‘We were always so sad that Esmy had to be an inside dog, and we were more worried about the chickens and geese, because she wasn't able to be outside to protect them.’

Since SpotOn, everything has changed. The chickens and geese finally have a protector to keep them safe, and SE and Danny have peace of mind knowing that Esmy has the freedom she needs to live her best life.

‘During the daylight hours, we see less of Esmy because she is outside, and when she comes in at night she is so much stinkier than she used to be! But we are so much more at ease knowing that she's happy all day long and getting to live her full doggy potential.’

Having had the original SpotOn Fence since 2021, we asked SE what features initially sold them on SpotOn.

‘The fact that it was totally wireless was the biggest selling point for us. The soil on our property is incredibly rocky, and the size of our farm is so large, that burying wires was just totally out of the question.’

Now that they’ve upgraded to Gen 2, they have some new favorite features, including the new app, better cell coverage, and a collar that is easier to adjust. And their favorite new features?

‘Being able to draw fences with the new app is a game changer for creating extra large custom fences! When we visit my parent's farm a few hours away, we're excited to be able to draw a quick new fence there using the app so she can roam their whole place!

Tracking is an added bonus that we didn't really need, but has turned out to be an interesting tool to locate her when she's on the other side of the property.’

Want to watch Esmy’s pup parents Danny & SE talk about their SpotOn experience in person? Check out their product review video of Gen 2, and how it compares to the original system.

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Author Bio:
Amy McPoland is a dog mom, dog lover and Sr. Brand Strategist at SpotOn Fence.

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