5 Acres of Joy for a Playful Saint Bernard: Bentley's Story


Meet Bentley, a young, energetic and playful pup from Maryland.

Bentley was adopted from a local dairy farm that had a litter of St. Bernard puppies. The family picked Bentley because she was the most snuggly puppy. All she wanted to do was go to sleep while being held.


Before SpotOn, Bentley would go on a few walks per day with us but for the majority of the day was tethered on a long line,’ says owner, Cyrus.

This playful pup is loving living life unleashed now that she can happily roam 5 acres. She is definitely the defender of the property, and will chase squirrels, rabbits, deer, you name it. She hasn’t been able to catch them yet, but if she did she would likely want to play with her new friend. Now that she is safely inside her GPS fence, her family doesn’t have to worry about her defending the property. Though she does still like to dig holes when she thinks no one is watching!

She loves to run around with you outside, and when the family is with her she stays close. But she also likes to roam on her own outside, and gets very excited to go to the park so she can go swimming off leash.

‘She likes the freedom to roam the 5 acre property and explore. She’s happier! 

Her pet parents Cyrus and Annie say that giving Bentley the freedom to roam has made all the difference. She is now a happier pup! They like that SpotOn is app controlled, and that they can have different fences. The ability to track Bentley is a major plus, as is the durability of the collar. Not too many adventures beyond the backyard yet since she is still a pup, but they’re looking forward to the portability of the collar making life easier (and more ‘peaceful’) wherever they go.

Bentley’s favorite games are tag and tug of war — and drinking from the outside water fountain. She likes to play with her tennis balls, squeaky toys, and ropes that she can pull and chew on. Her favorite thing is to try to pick up all of her toys in her mouth at once, which never works out quite like she plans.

Bentley thrives on affection, attention & family fun. She is a snuggle bunny and loves a good hug, but is scared of the kissing noise. So if you try to kiss her with a lip smacking noise, she gets scared and runs away! 

This giant pup will be ready when winter comes. She absolutely loves the snow and can often be found rolling around in the snow, or taking a nap in it. Not surprising for her working dog breed, and much to the delight of the family’s young daughter, Bentley has learned to pull a sled and offers endless rides around the yard!

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