2.3 Acres of Boundless Play for an Energetic Weimaraner: Koa's Story


Meet Koa, a cuddly and energetic Weimaraner pup from Hawthorn Woods, Illinois!

Koa’s story began when Marina and her partner John found out that the couple who bred their previous dog, Koda, was planning to breed again and had preserved the specimen from Koda’s dad. They thought it would be perfect for their boys to have a dog who would be Koda’s sibling.

On their way to meet the litter, the family decided that they wanted the puppy to pick them too, and sure enough, Koa ran over to them the minute they entered the room! They picked her because she was full of energy, and very brave; they thought she’d be the perfect fit for their big, loud family.

Being a bird dog, Koa loves to point to birds. If you release her, she’ll chase them and jump up as high as she can when they take off. When she’s not pointing to birds in her own backyard, she enjoys going pheasant hunting with her dog dad, John. She’s earned three out of four hunting ribbons so far and is fast on her way to earning her Junior Hunter title!

Koa isn’t just interested in birds, though; she also enjoys chasing squirrels and chipmunks on the daily but (fortunately) has never been successful in catching one! When she thinks her owners aren’t looking, she’s off eating grass and rolling around in the creek, being sure to cover herself in mud - naughty girl! She also likes to play with toads using her paws… at least until her owners step in and rescue them! Anything and everything that she finds and is proud of, she excitedly brings back to her parents, eager to show off her latest accomplishments.

Before SpotOn, the family had to walk Koa on a leash, which was becoming increasingly difficult the bigger she grew. This ball of energy needs constant exercise! More recently, her family moved to a new house with a 2-acre yard and a tree line. They knew that Koa needed more room to roam, but weren’t allowed to install a physical fence due to restrictions in their village. A buried wire fence seemed to be their only option, but they were dreading the idea of having to dig around their wooded property to bury a wire. Luckily, they found SpotOn!

“The flexibility of this fence is probably our favorite thing. The fact that we did not have to dig the cable around our property, part of which is wooded, was a big relief.” 

With SpotOn, the family has spent more time outside together with Koa than ever before! Koa is one lucky gal, getting the full 2.3 acres of yard to romp and play. Her parents are very excited that the system has allowed them to give her the environment she needs to thrive. 

While her mom gets to go about her day stress-free, Koa gets to enjoy the great outdoors, getting the exercise she needs and burning off all her extra energy. She loves the time she and her parents get to spend outside together – especially when she gets to play ball! While waiting for the ball to be thrown, she gets so impatient that she spins in place! She constantly wants to play – so much so that if everyone's doing other things, she will grab something she knows she isn't supposed to have and start running, causing the boys to chase her around the house. She figured out quickly that this was a good strategy to get her way!

Koa intensely anticipates the moment she gets to go outside every day. Her family knows this because she smashes her nose against window as she watches the squirrels and chipmunks outside! They have learned to look at the smudges on their windows as a work of nose art. To get her excited, all her mom has to say is “squirrel,” or “play,” or just put her socks on, because Koa knows that means they are going somewhere! Koa’s parents take her swimming at the lake where she retrieves for hours and hours without getting tired. She also enjoys her five to six mile walks every morning – sometimes it seems almost impossible to tire her out!

“We love having multiple maps [and] knowing that we are giving our dog the freedom to roam but also keeping an eye on her through the app to ensure her safety. We also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t get shocked on her way home, should she break the fence.”

The SpotOn system’s flexibility is the family’s favorite because it means they get to go on more adventures together. Every summer, they go on lots of road trips through multiple states and they are looking forward to traveling with the SpotOn Fence!

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