Top 6 Things to Know Before Getting Your SpotOn Fence


Wondering if SpotOn is right for you? We put together a list of our most commonly asked questions and answered them below! We know that SpotOn is an investment for you and your family, so we got you covered even after you purchase. We offer a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can see if SpotOn Virtual Fence is a good solution for your pup and your property! 

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Will SpotOn work for my property?

You can use our system on as little as half an acre and there is no maximum limit​. GPS accuracy can vary up to 10 feet, so you also need 15 feet from the outside of your boundary to any unsafe environments. It's important to plan your fence to be at least 80 feet wide at its narrowest point. This will ensure your pup has plenty of room to roam without hearing the tones!

Can I use SpotOn to get around obstacles or make fences through water?

One of the things that makes the SpotOn Virtual fence so unique is that you can literally create a fence anywhere there is a view of the sky.  This handy feature allows you to traverse cumbersome terrain without ever setting foot on it, in it, or through it! Simply press the “Pause” button while walking your perimeter, then press “Resume” when the terrain allows you to continue your path. SpotOn will automatically “snap” a straight line between the two points. 

Here are a few scenarios where the pause feature is a sneaker-saver:

  • Through water- Does your pup love to swim? Use Pause to give him access to the beach, snap a line through a pond, lake or along a river!
  • Thick brush- Use the pause feature to snap a straight line over any bushes or rocky patches that crosses the border of your fence.  
  • Rough terrain- Do you have a swamp, muddy patch, or maybe even a slope that is too slippery to brave? Have no fear, the pause feature is here!
  • Large maps- Your arm won't get tired from facing the collar’s antenna to the sky! Give your arm a break and hop in your ATV, truck, or however you want to get to your second fence post with this cool feature! Just click resume once you get there and it will snap a straight line.
  • Through a structure- Only want to give your pup access to your backyard? Use pause to snap a line through your home, shed or barn.

i have a lot of trees in my yard, will SpotOn work?

Yes! Unlike other systems out there, SpotOn Fence has Forest Mode that makes our collar effective in the woods. If you have dense tree coverage or are worried about your system working on a camping trip, simply enable Forest Mode for increased GPS sensitivity! Just note, because Forest Mode enhances the GPS sensitivity, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it on fences near your home:

  • Include your entire house in the map. This is so there are no boundaries going through your house and your dog will not be alerted for trying to move around inside. 
  •  Make boundary lines at least 80 feet from any side of your house. Why? GPS signals can bounce off tall structures and metal roofs-- this "bouncing" could result in your fence boundary getting "bounced" indoors and unintentionally alerting your dog.
  • Remove the SpotOn collar when your pup comes indoors to be sure he is not alerted.
  • Deactivate your fence when your pup comes indoors. Again, just to be sure. This can be done from the collar or, if Connectivity is on, your phone.

Will SpotOn fit my dog?

SpotOn fits dogs with neck sizes 13” or larger- usually 25lbs and greater. Our collars come in size Medium for dogs with neck sizes 13" - 17" and size Large for neck sizes 17" - 24". 

It is important to note that the collar size is set because the technology is built into the straps, so it can’t be adjusted outside of the set ranges. ​ Using a flexible measuring tape or rope, measure your dog’s neck just above where his regular collar sits. ​ Make sure you can fit one or two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck​. 


On average, a fully charged battery will last about 24 hours in normal containment mode and take about an hour to come to full charge. ​We recommend charging the collar when the dog comes in for the night, much like you would a cell phone. 

It is important to know that if you’re in tracking mode, your battery life will decrease to about 8 hours. For this reason, we recommend shutting off tracking mode when you're not actively using it to increase your battery life. Rest assured that if your dog leaves the containment area, you will still get notifications to your phone and be able to quickly switch on tracking mode. 

Does SpotOn require cell service to contain my dog?

No! The system works off of GPS technology and satellites in sky, so it does not need cellular service to create or maintain a fence for your dog. Additional features that allow the collar to communicate with your phone do require cell service and a monthly subscription of $6.95/ month (after the first year of free service). This includes receiving escape notifications, tracking your pup, and displaying their name and your telephone number on the collar’s screen. These features are optional. If you activate your cell subscription, our system uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks and your phone can use whichever carrier you’d like.

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