How SpotOn Freed this High-Energy Goldendoodle: Callie's Story


"We can play more freely. Callie is able to run and get her extra energy out. She also loves playing with our kids and other dogs."
- Ashley F.

Meet Callie, a 1 ½ year old Goldendoodle. Sweet, playful, energetic, and loyal, Callie loves her family and everyone she meets! She also loves carrots and her vitamins, so she’s clearly one healthy pup!

Before SpotOn, Callie had a lot of energy and was frustrated spending her outside time on a leash or lead. The SpotOn system has given her the freedom she craved - and the exercise she needs - and changed the family’s relationship with her. Now Callie loves to be outside, relaxing in the yard and playing ball.

“SpotOn has been life changing for our family and pup. We know Callie is getting the exercise she needs while staying in her safe zone. It doesn’t matter if we are home playing ball, visiting family and doggy pals, or enjoying lake life Callie is living her best life! We couldn’t be happier with our SpotOn System!”

Callie’s favorite activity is chasing a soccer ball and “playing” soccer with the kids. (She is the best defender!) While Callie likes walking with her people, she also loves to explore freely. As a young high energy gal, she can now run, play and swim to her heart’s content.

Ashley’s favorite thing about SpotOn is knowing Callie is safe while spending the time outside she loves. Ashley also likes the flexibility to make fences anywhere, and to be able to track where Callie is at all times.

An unexpected benefit of SpotOn for the family is how well trained Callie now is. She doesn’t leave her safe area at home and quickly learns new boundaries when they visit new places. This lucky girl gets to go with her family almost everywhere! Beyond their backyard, they’ve used SpotOn visiting family and friends, and on vacation at the lake. And being a Goldendoodle, swimming is a must!

Ashley’s recommendation for a friend or family member still on the fence? 

"Definitely try! It has been life changing for us and Callie!"

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