German Shorthaired Pointer Swims & Explores Unleashed: Ruger's Story


“Life is too short, and so are most fences!” - Courtney D.

Meet Ruger, an 18 month old German Shorthaired Pointer from South Carolina. He is a bundle of energy and will go, go, go until he needs a cuddle break. He aims to please and is an affectionate and loving companion.  

Ruger’s name was inspired by a family tradition.  When Courtney was growing up, all of their pets had names that started with "R", and the tradition stuck. They felt like Ruger would be a great name for a South Carolina bird dog.

 "Thank goodness for our SpotOn Collar!  We are all more relaxed. Ruger can come and go from the house to the land and we never have to worry."

Once Ruger joined the family, they quickly realized they would need some kind of containment system. They wanted - and needed - something that could travel with them, stand up to all weather conditions, work on their wooded property, and keep up with their active lifestyle.

While Ruger wasn’t usually wandering too far away before SpotOn, his adventures sometimes led him astray - and outside of his containment.

"The SpotOn Collar has given our pup freedom to roam, not only at home but also when we’re on the road.  We’ve been from the mountains to the sea, in the woods and the water.  We have peace of mind knowing that our dog stays safe within the boundaries that we’ve set- no matter where we are."

According to pup parent Courtney, Ruger is part fish. He loves the water and would swim ALL day long if he could! Except to take breaks for his signature and impressive all time favorite activity - dock-diving!  A typical day in the life of Ruger; swimming, dock diving, and then swimming some more. Super swimmer and dock diver extraordinaire Ruger can now frolic freely without running into trouble.

Courtney’s favorite SpotOn feature is the flexibility, and being able to save multiple fences. When they purchased SpotOn, they didn’t realize they could make a boundary in the water! Given that Ruger loves to swim, and then swim some more,  the ability to fence through water has been a huge bonus!

They are a family on the go and always up for adventure. Knowing that the system could easily travel with them - anywhere they went - was the main reason they chose SpotOn.

"We can go from home, to the lake, mountains or beach and our dog can come with us! We no longer have to stress over if he can get out, or if he has enough room to run and play."

Since getting SpotOn, their zest for adventure has taken them - and Ruger - from open beaches to heavily wooded national parks. To the Outer Banks, NC, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 4x4 trails in Tennessee and the streets of Charleston, SC.

This handsome & athletic boy enjoys his SpotOn freedom everywhere his travels take him. Which of course makes him hungry. His favorite treat? When Mom gets a Starbucks coffee, Ruger gets a Puppuccino! 

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