The Best PetSafe Alternative for This 40 Acre Farm: Remi, Raven and Maple's Story


When it comes to the safety and freedom of her dogs Remi, Raven and Maple, Jordin is always on the lookout for the best solutions available. Her 40 acre farmhouse in southern Ontario, Canada, gives her labradors plenty of room to roam, so a wireless dog fence was a must.

After using a wireless fence system for quite some time, Jordin found herself faced with a harsh reality: the PetSafe® wireless fence system that she chose may not be the best fit for her family. Through careful consideration and extensive research, she made the switch to the SpotOn GPS Fence system, and it has transformed the way her dogs roam and play. 

Read on for Jordin’s personal experience and the key reasons why she decided to make the switch.

Why SpotOn is the top PetSafe® alternative for this Canadian Customer

Customizable Boundaries for Maximum Safety

One of the primary reasons Jordin chose SpotOn was the ability to create custom boundaries for her dogs. Even though she has dozens of acres, the way PetSafe® creates its fences wasn’t a great fit for her yard and in turn, it felt unsafe for her pets.

“With the PetSafe wireless fence, I could only create a circular boundary for the dogs that maxed out at about three-quarters of an acre. Since our old farmhouse is positioned so close to the road, even with the transmitter plugged into the furthest outlet in our home, the dog could still access the road, unless I made the fence even smaller which gives the dogs access to only a fraction of our yard.

With SpotOn, I can create a custom fence that starts and stops anywhere I want. So now I can rest assured knowing the dogs are safe from moving vehicles and instead of only having three-quarters of an acre to roam, our dogs can roam all forty acres of our property, which is the biggest benefit of all.”

Customizable Correction Levels for Individual Needs

Both SpotOn and PetSafe® give dogs alerts as they approach the invisible dog fence boundary. After comparing the two products, Jordin preferred SpotOn and the wider range of options it gave her for each of her dogs.

“Another reason I went with SpotOn was because you don’t need to use static correction. With PetSafe, the dogs got about three feet with the warning tone when they were approaching the fence and then one of five static correction levels when they crossed it. With SpotOn, they get two tones: One 10 feet from the boundary, another five feet from the boundary, and you have the option of no stimulus, vibration, or over 30 different static correction levels. So now I can safely adjust the correction level based off each dog's individual needs.”

GPS Accuracy and Reliability

After her dogs experienced false corrections with PetSafe®, Jordin was extra motivated to find a more reliable solution that could minimize this risk. After reading about SpotOn’s Home Zones feature, she was eager to try out the system.

“The ultimate reason we threw our PetSafe away was because it was shocking the dogs when they were inside our home and within the perimeter of their fence. I later learned that PetSafe actually states their system should not be plugged in under a metal roof, as it can interfere with the signals, so unfortunately, we had no choice but to say goodbye.

With SpotOn, I can create a safe zone within our home where the collars won’t send correction signals, so even if our metal roof was interfering with the signals, my dogs would never be corrected inside of our home.”

Unleash More Freedom when You Switch to SpotOn

If you’re like Jordin and have struggled with the limitations of dog fences like the PetSafe® system, making the switch to SpotOn GPS Fence will be a game-changer for the safety, freedom, and overall well-being of your dogs. With customizable boundaries, expansive roaming capabilities, correction flexibility, signal reliability, and more, Jordin considers SpotOn the perfect solution to keep her canine companions happy and secure.

Let your dog run free!

Shop now and help your dog live life unleashed!

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