Australian Shepherd Enjoys an Acre of Freedom: Luna Blue's Story

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Meet Luna Blue from Ellensburg, Washington.

This Australian Shepherd beauty is 2 years old, fun-loving and full of energy. A blue merle with stunning blue eyes, she was easily and aptly named as Luna Blue.

The family lives on 3 acres of open field, and this young and hyperactive pup makes full use of her 1 acre fence every day. She is a smart and happy girl that loves to play and hang with her family.

‘Luna Blue is a wonder; smart, and extraordinarily empathetic family member. We all love her.’ - Ian Q., Owner

Luna Blue’s favorite things to do outside with her SpotOn freedom is to be chased around the yard and play endless tug of war. She also loves games, not surprisingly for a smart Aussie herder that needs to use her brain!

For owner Ian, the biggest benefit of SpotOn is freedom for Luna Blue. We asked Ian what life with high energy Luna Blue was like before SpotOn Fence, and why they chose SpotOn over a physical fence.

‘Stressful, because we couldn't keep her from going into other yards. Now, she knows when she is wearing the SpotOn collar that she has to stay within the yard. It allows her to be the dog she wants to be while freeing up our time to work or whatever. We looked into buying a fence, which would have cost $25,000. So in comparison, the SpotOn collar has been fantastically more economical.’

As we hear from many customers, another big yet unexpected benefit of SpotOn for Ian is how using SpotOn Fence has changed his relationship with Luna Blue. Knowing she has the freedom that she needs to run and play while still being safely contained - without being able to go exploring into neighbor yards - has given him less worry and more peace of mind.

‘We worry less about where she is and whether she has gotten herself into trouble. She knows her limits when she is wearing the collar and is more obedient. Less stress is good!’

Having used SpotOn since the original Gen 1 version, Ian has upgraded and is quite happy with the new Gen 2 SpotOn Fence experience.

‘The second generation is far superior in terms of reliability and effectiveness. It works great now and we are super happy with it! We highly recommend it to our family and friends.’

His favorite new Gen 2 features include seeing fences built as he walks, better cell coverage, a collar that is easier to adjust, and the new app. As for what sold Ian on SpotOn GPS Fence in the first place?

‘GPS-based technology. No wires, no real hassle. Plus we can take it anywhere and use it there. And the changes in the app are exceptional - very easy to use with no issues.’

And the family does indeed take SpotOn anywhere, making life with Luna Blue easier when they’re away from home and on the go. So far they’ve used SpotOn at the lake and the beach. As for where to next and what new adventures await? They’re not sure yet, but they know they’ll be taking Luna Blue & her SpotOn collar with them.

We asked Ian what he likes most about the new SpotOn Fence.

‘Basically everything. Lower profile collar, far superior app. Easy to understand and use. It simply works, whereas previously we had to mess with it a lot.’

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Author Bio:
Amy McPoland is a dog mom, dog lover and Sr. Brand Strategist at SpotOn Fence.

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