A Curious Pup Free to Frolic on 5 Acres: Dexter's Story


Meet Dexter, from New Hampshire.

Dexter is a playful, easy going Golden Retriever who loves everyone he meets! His AKC name has military associations, so Dexter was fittingly named after a friend in the military that his mom adored as a kid.

At 2 years old, Dexter’s favorite things to do are play in the snow, and chase his mom on her snowmobile or mountain bike! He also loves playing with other dogs, and with all that running around gets re-energized from his favorite treats - cheese and hot dogs!

“Since SpotOn, Dexter doesn't test his boundaries much anymore." - Julia K, Owner 

Before SpotOn Fence, Dexter would occasionally roam, mostly to visit the neighbors or a neighborhood dog. As a young dog full of energy and without perfect recall, his love for everyone — human and dog alike — sometimes led him astray, making life outside with Dexter frustrating for his mom. 

Now, with a GPS fence to keep Dexter safely contained, life outdoors is happier all around. Dexter gets his freedom to run and play within his boundaries, and his mom enjoys more peace of mind.  

What has made Julia happiest about using SpotOn Fence? The ability to make multiple fences, at home and on the go, so Dexter can travel with the family.  

‘It’s so flexible and we can take it anywhere. It’s ideal for summer on the lake.’ -  Julia K, Owner

The portability of SpotOn Fence has enabled them to take Dexter along on their adventures, which include the lake house, and anywhere and everywhere with a decent sized yard. So far they’ve enjoyed SpotOn for swimming, when visiting friends and family, and of course everyday on their 5+ acre property at home. If a friend or family member was on the “fence” about getting SpotOn, Julia would definitely recommend it: "Get it! It's so easy to use and set up."

Naturally curious about his surroundings, Dexter loves to climb up on top of any giant rocks he can find, but during a trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts decided to try a first ーCLIMBING A TREE! Apparently he had a hankering for a better water view. And where do his extraordinary climbing skills come from? No one knows, but we wish we could see how this talented climber got down from his precarious perch. According to his mom, very carefully!

"I was very nervous he would fall off of it onto another branch below, but with some careful coaxing and footwork, he turned around and came down. Maybe he was a tightrope walker in another life."- Julia K.

Dexter also loves his dog friends and is part of an amazing pack that their dog walker takes off leash - and captures amazing photos like this one. (photo credit to Justin Shaw)

Since SpotOn, Dexter is one happy pup, with a happy pup parent, now that they both enjoy the freedom of SpotOn at home and on the go.

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