Why you don’t need cellular with the SpotOn System

Understanding Our GPS Dog Fence 

We’ve packed a lot of technology into the SpotOn collar, so here’s how it all works together. The collar uses GPS alone to create, activate and maintain fences - and relies on Bluetooth and cellular for additional functionality.

How it all works


GPS controls containment—allowing you to create, activate, maintain, and deactivate GPS dog fences.  SpotOn is a GPS-based system, so there’s no need for buried wires, base stations, or professional installation. Once your SpotOn collar has its GPS fix, you can create a custom map and select "Activate"!  You do not need to have cell service to use SpotOn’s GPS fence to contain your pup. Learn more.


Cellular allows for communication between your SpotOn collar and the SpotOn app on your smartphone.  Though you do not need cellular to create & maintain fences - you do need cellular service for the collar to:

  • See maps on your app
  • See your pup’s name on the collar’s screen
  • Receive escape & battery notifications
  • Track your dog’s location with the app

Think of your SpotOn collar as a phone for your dog and the fee as his cell phone plan. If your dog escapes, you need a cell connection so your collar can tell your phone where he is. As long as your smartphone has cell service and the collar has cell service, you can track your dog. Cell service is optional, and we offer the first year free. After that, the service is just $6.95 a month. You need to activate your cell service.


Bluetooth provides a short range link from your phone to the collar; use Bluetooth to adjust static correction and cue tones when training your pup. Watch this video or follow these steps to connect to Bluetooth. Be sure to deactivate any active maps before connecting to Bluetooth. You can also use Bluetooth to share maps collar-to-collar. Learn more.

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