Cellular Connectivity

Once cellular connectivity is activated, you can see your dog's location, as well as be notified if your dog leaves the yard. Connectivity is optional and also FREE for the first two months.

With connectivity active, you will be able to:

See your dog’s location in an instant while he is within his fence (aka GPS fix)

Get escape notifications

Track your pup with Google driving directions and compass mode

Give your maps custom names

in the app

Display your dog’s name and your contact info on the collar’s screen 

Get battery notifications

If you choose to cancel connectivity, you will not longer be able to see your dogs location, get escape notifications, or use tracking, but your dog’s info will remain on the collar’s screen and all existing maps will keep their names (new maps will default to Map 1, Map 2, etc).

After a 60 day free trial, connectivity costs $6.95/month and uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks. (No need to change your smartphone service provider - the collar doesn't need to use the same carrier as your phone!) Both the collar and your smartphone must have a cellular connection (just like making a call between two smartphones) in order to receive notifications and track your dog.

Once you have activated, here’s what you do!

1. Turn off your SpotOn collar
2. Wait 5 minutes
3. Turn on your SpotOn collar*

*NOTE: Power up your SpotOn collar outdoors to more quickly connect to the AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers in your area. If your collar does not get cell service initially, move around your property to try and secure a connection.

Not sure if your collar has cell service? If you see white bars on the collar's screen, you have a cellular connection. If you see NS, you are not yet connected. Walk around your property until your collar is able to connect.

Not ready to activate tracking? No problem. You’ll still be able to use the SpotOn Virtual Fence as a containment solution and you can activate tracking at any time! Keep in mind, you may see the notification below. If this happens, simply ignore it and continue using the collar as usual. 

Did you receive a notification in the app that your “Collar is turned off” but your collar is on? That’s because your collar requires a cellular connection, established when you activate tracking, to communicate with certain features of the app.

What’s the difference between GPS and cellular connectivity?

Watch this quick video on how all the technology in your SpotOn Virtual Fence works together. 


GPS controls containment—allowing you to create, activate, maintain, and deactivate fences 

SpotOn is a GPS-based system, so there’s no need for buried wires, base stations, or professional installation. 
Once your SpotOn collar has its GPS fix, you can create a custom map and select "Activate"!  You do not need to have cellular connectivity to use SpotOn Virtual Fence as a containment system for your dog.


Cellular connectivity controls tracking and any data that needs to be sent from the SpotOn collar to the app, or from the app to the collar

Tracking is an optional feature you can activate for a monthly fee of $6.95. 

Why the fee? Think of your collar as a phone for your dog and the fee as his cellphone plan. If your dog escapes, you need a cell connection so your SpotOn collar can tell your phone where he is. As long as your smartphone has cell service and the collar has cell service, you can track your dog.

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