What’s the difference between SpotOn Fence and Halo?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what makes SpotOn the better GPS fence. We know SpotOn is the more expensive option for two products that seem almost identical. We believe SpotOn's technology is superior, making it a more accurate and effective fence. With SpotOn, your dog can roam free in all locations and you don’t have to worry about checking for a good GPS signal before training or letting him out, or having the boundaries fail you once outdoors.  

SpotOn has the most accurate GPS technology— critical for keeping your dog within his boundaries and safe. 

1.   SpotOn connects to 24+ satellites at once. SpotOn simultaneously connects to three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) so your SpotOn Fence will be in constant communication with multiple satellites from all three of these constellations, which means it can more accurately interpret your dog’s location. 

2.  SpotOn uses a more powerful antenna. SpotOn's antenna and receiver system has the highest noise immunity in the market. This, combined with SpotOn’s intelligent adjustment algorithms, pinpoint your dog’s location to typically within three feet  and ignores GPS signals partially blocked by buildings or trees. In short, your dog’s location and your fence boundary are inherently more accurate

3. SpotOn's GPS antenna is optimally placed. The position of the GPS antenna is essential.  GPS works best when it has an unobstructed view of the satellites. SpotOn’s antenna is set where your dog’s body cannot block it. Resting at the back of your dog’s neck, it always has a clear view of the sky and can maintain more accurate boundaries and a better overall connection. Halo’s collar positions the antenna in the dog’s front, blocking its signal to the sky with the dog’s head.

4. SpotOn offers True Location™ technology, which balances GPS shift, a natural phenomenon that occurs with any GPS product. SpotOn auto-corrects your dog’s location, so his boundaries and his position are more accurate.

Access to the constellations, combined with the GPS antenna’s quality and location, affects how many satellites can be connected at once. Better connection to more satellites means boundary accuracy and static correction are not impacted by cloudy weather or tree coverage. Your dog can freely move within the boundaries you set without being falsely corrected or not corrected at all. 

5.  SpotOn allows you to increase the GPS sensitivity. With SpotOn, if you find you are in an area where the signal is inconsistent, you can activate Forest Mode. Forest Mode increases GPS sensitivity that can sometimes be found in extremely dense tree cover. 

6.  SpotOn provides a more customizable fence. SpotOn’s patented technology allows you to precisely customize your fences to your property with the ability to drop 1,000 fence posts. SpotOn tracks your movement and automatically drops fence posts as you walk. Halo’s fence creation maxes out at 20 fence posts, which you must manually select at different points in your yard. Fencing a large property or getting a curve around a flower bed, shrubbery, or around an obstacle is much easier with more posts. 

7. SpotOn supports overlapping fences. With SpotOn, all fences are stored and activated individually. You can create different fence configurations on the same property if you like (like a daytime fence that includes the woods and a nighttime fence that goes to the edge of the grass). Because Halo’s fences cannot be activated individually (all are either on or off), you cannot have any boundary lines overlap in any way, which makes creating multiple fences on your property impossible. 

8. Battery life.  A single charge on SpotOn's battery lasts for 20-24 hours while the competition's battery runtime is 10-14 hours.

SpotOn is the original GPS fence.

SpotOn gathered a team of engineers that created GPS devices for the US military and applied that knowledge to invent the first GPS containment system for dogs. We hold nine patents, have been in the market since January 2019, and have thousands of dogs who rely on SpotOn. We have tested our system with thousands of dogs, including independent livestock guardian dogs, rough and tumble farm dogs, and wandering suburban dogs. We’ve worked through challenges with durability, technology, and bugs, identifying and resolving many of the issues Halo users report including the collar falling apart, poor GPS accuracy, and software glitches that result in the dog being corrected where it shouldn’t or not corrected where it should. 

SpotOn doesn’t make you pay for things you don’t need. 

You are not bound to a subscription fee, we have a 45-day money-back guarantee with NO restocking fees, and you don’t have to pay extra to get a standard warranty.

Cellular plan is NOT required. SpotOn does not require you to purchase a cellular plan to create and maintain fences for your dog. There is an option to enable cellular for your SpotOn, which will allow you to see your dog’s location from your phone and receive battery and location notifications on our 2/3G AT&T and T-Mobile service. We offer the first year free, after which we charge $6.95 per month. As part of your purchase, we offer a free training program and a complimentary 1X1 session with one of our certified trainers which is tailored to the needs of you and your pup.

We stand behind our product (and your experience). We offer a 1-year warranty and a 45-day return window with no restocking fees. Halo offers a 60-day return policy with restocking fees ($25-$79).

And... SpotOn is made in the USA!! Our design and development team is in New Hampshire and we proudly manufacture in upstate New York.

We hope this helps answer your questions! If you would like more information, we can be reached at support@spotonfence.com or at 603.488.1504.

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  • Sharon Hughto

    Any chance your company will team up with verizon wireless?

  • Joe Deighton

    Is this available in Canada?

  • Kristie Godwin

    How does this work if you want to take your dog for a walk or hiking? Also, can you do any training with it, i.e. buzz my dog if she’s chasing the cat inside the house?

  • SpotOn Fence

    @Michelle Krohn we offer an automatic 15% discount if you purchase two or more as well as a 15% discount for military, veterans, and first responders.

  • Michelle Krohn

    Halo has 300 off right now. Do you offer any sales?

  • Rosemary Opelt

    We live right next to a lake, is this waterproof and can we make the fence so she can go in part of the lake to cool off, not swim completely across to play?

  • Eric Woelfel

    I want to know that I can talk to a real live person. Can you supply me a phone number?

  • Todd Miracle Beale

    I have 2 dogs, both are rescues, The female has a problem with other dogs in the neighbor hood, one of my neighbors has a dog and my female with after it even I shouted my lungs off for her to stop. They got into a fight. I need serious help with my 2 dogs to contain them.
    I am a combat vet of 29.5 years in the Army. I need info how this will help me and not give me a heart attack over my dogs

  • Mike Lawrence

    I have Link now and it works OK. It has I live on a large farm. I have found my dogs 8 miles away with this. I pay 9.95 month. What makes yours so much better and at a price much more. Just tell me the pros and cons. Thanks, I am always looking for a better product. Mike Lawrence

  • Kim

    Thank you for this. My best friend was recently killed by crossing a road that she had never crossed before. I have been contemplating both of these competing products for my other dogs. This has been extremely infomative. I feel now I can make the right choice….

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