Why is SpotOn Virtual Fence the most accurate GPS dog fence?


As the original GPS fence, SpotOn has been testing, learning and optimizing dog containment since January 2019. Our nine patents power SpotOn’s True Location™ technology which provides the most accurate GPS dog fence. Unlike other systems, this AI-enhanced GPS shows your dog’s true location, rather than relying on satellite data alone.

With SpotOn Virtual Fence, your pup can roam free in all locations without you having to worry about checking for a good GPS signal before training or letting him loose — or having the boundaries fail once outside.

How does True Location technology make SpotOn the most accurate and effective fence?

Access to more constellations, combined with the GPS antenna’s quality and location, affects how many satellites can be connected at once. Better connection to more satellites means boundary accuracy and static correction are not impacted by cloudy weather or tree coverage. Your dog can freely move within the boundaries you set without being falsely corrected or not corrected at all. 

Constant communication with 24+ Satellites 

SpotOn connects to 24+ satellites at once. SpotOn simultaneously connects to three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo)

Advanced antenna/receiver system

This system, combined with SpotOn’s intelligent adjustment algorithms, pinpoint your dog’s location to typically within three feet and ignores GPS signals partially blocked by buildings or trees. 

Optimal antenna placement

GPS works best when it has an unobstructed view of the satellites. SpotOn’s antenna is set on the back of your dog’s neck where his body can’t block it, to maintain more accurate boundaries and a better overall connection. 

Powered by GPS  

The SpotOn collar uses GPS alone to create, activate and maintain fences. Unlike cellular, GPS is always available, everywhere, and is inherently more accurate since the signal will not get spotty.

Balances GPS drift (a natural shift phenomenon that occurs with all GPS products)

It auto-corrects your dog’s location, so his boundaries and his position are more accurate.

Manually increases GPS sensitivity

If the GPS signal is inconsistent, you can activate Forest Mode. Forest Mode increases GPS sensitivity that can sometimes be lacking in extremely dense tree cover.

Knows the direction your dog is traveling based on patented algorithms

It never issues a correction to a dog that has left his boundary and is on his way home. 

Provides 1000 fence posts for a more precise and customizable fence 

More posts means more precise boundaries, and the ability to customize your fences to your property (and across water or tricky terrain). SpotOn tracks your movement and automatically drops fence posts as you walk.

How did we create the most accurate GPS dog containment system?

SpotOn gathered a team of engineers that created GPS devices for the US military and applied that knowledge to invent the first GPS containment system for dogs. We hold nine patents, have been in the market since January 2019, and have thousands of dogs who rely on SpotOn. We have tested our wireless fence system with thousands of dogs, including independent livestock guardian dogs, rough and tumble farm dogs, and wandering suburban dogs. We’ve worked through challenges with durability, technology, and bugs to identify and resolve problems to deliver the best GPS dog containment experience.

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