How does SpotOn keep my pup contained?


Q&A with Sam, Customer Support Expert

Find out how the SpotOn system keeps your pup in his fence! 

GPS-based  fences, like SpotOn Virtual Fence, are powered by satellites. The most recent upgrade to wireless fence technology, GPS fences eliminate the need for buried wires and base stations and can be used anywhere there is a GPS signal (basically anywhere on the planet). 

SpotOn uses three satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) to create a reliable containment area for your dog—these are the satellites the FAA and US military uses for navigation, not the ones that power satellite TV and radio.  SpotOn also offers a unique approach to training and two sets of varying audible tones before so dogs are only corrected after they have been traveled through roughly 15 feet of warning area.

With SpotOn Virtual Fence, you can:

  • Create a truly wireless fence anywhere without the need for a power source so you can use it anywhere
  • Create fences of any shape and any size—from .5 acres to 1000 acres
  • Create fences over tricky terrain, including water!
  • Store multiple locations at one time
  • Receive an automatic smartphone notification if the dog escapes his fence
  • Automatically track his whereabouts—providing you with updates every six seconds, his location and proximity to you as well driving directions to his location
  • Rest assured that your pup will never receive a correction for coming back home


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