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Still have questions about how the SpotOn GPS Fence works? You’re in luck! We sat down with Sam, Customer Service Manager, to get some answers to commonly asked questions about the SpotOn Fence. Have a query that isn’t covered here? Contact us at support@spotonfence.com and we’ll get it answered for you!

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Q: There are so many wireless dog fences on the market… what makes the SpotOn Fence different?

Sam: The SpotOn Fence is more than just a fence – it’s a GPS-based containment system all housed within a simple dog collar, making it perfectly portable no matter where your adventures take you. Unlike other electric fences, with SpotOn, there are no wires to bury around your property and no base stations to house and plug in – just a collar, USB charger, and a cell phone app.

Because there are no wires, that also means no costly installation or pricey repairs. You won’t have to dig up your yard to bury a wire… only to dig it up again for repairs if the wire gets damaged by weather, burrowing critters, or yard work. And unlike wired fences (which limit you to the shape you install) or wireless fences with base stations (which limit you to circular perimeters), SpotOn allows you to create fences of any shape and nearly any size – at no additional cost! 

Additionally, SpotOn Fence works using a series of tones that warn your pup he’s approaching the boundary line before issuing an (optional and adjustable) static correction; other fences only provide one warning tone before issuing a mandatory static correction. 

Finally, unlike some of our competitors, we stand behind our product and offer a 90-day guarantee… you can’t beat that! 

Q: How do you use the collar to create a fence?

Sam: Creating a customized fence is as simple as activating your system and the app, walking your desired perimeter with your collar in hand, and saving your fence. Fit the collar onto your dog, train him to understand and respect the tones, and you’re ready to go.

The SpotOn GPS Fence not only allows you to create a customized fence, but you can also create an instant circular perimeter in several sizes, from 150 feet wide up to 950 feet wide – a great option if you’re in a hurry.

Q: How is this different from a tracker that creates geofences? Can I create a geofence with SpotOn?

Sam: Yes you can, but SpotOn’s fences are a little bit different. Where other geofences only notify you once your dog has already left the area, SpotOn provides your pup with warning tones, a vibration and an optional static correction to help keep them contained.

Q: What if my yard is too large to fence?

Sam: We’ve never met a yard too big to fence! While we do recommend that your fence is at least 15 feet away from hazardous areas (due to natural GPS shift) and 80 feet wide at its narrowest point, there’s actually no limit to how large your fence can be.

Unlike other fences, you can fence ANY terrain with SpotOn Fence! Hills, rocks, water… you name it! If you want to fence a large area or an area with difficult or unwalkable terrain like water or brush, you don’t need to walk the whole thing. Just use the pause feature to pause your fence between two points, then walk around the obstruction or – if it’s a large property – hop in your car to get to the next point. When you resume, the system will automatically snap a straight line between those points.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Sam: You’ll get about 18 hours of containment from a full charge and roughly 12 hours of tracking. It only takes around an hour to charge the collar fully. Most of our customers plug in the collar to charge at night, the same way they do their cell phones.

Q: How long does it take to train a dog to the system?

Sam: We recommend training your pup for 15 minutes a day for two weeks; although all dogs are different, most dogs are trained to the system after this time. Since you’re training your dog yourself, this is a great way to have fun and strengthen your bond with your pup!

Q: I live in an area with a lot of thick tree coverage. Will the collar still work?

Sam: Dense tree coverage is no problem for the SpotOn Fence – just turn on Forest Mode to increase GPS sensitivity and continue to use it as you normally would.

Q: I travel a lot; can I still use the system?

Sam: SpotOn Fence is ideal for folks who travel often. You can create and store up to 10 custom fences at one time, making it perfect for at home, away at camp, the beach, a friend’s house, and more! You can even set up an instant circular fence within seconds.

Q: What if I don’t get great cell service on my property?

Sam: That’s no problem! Since the SpotOn Fence gets it signal using GPS satellites – not cell towers – you’re always covered, no matter how spotty your cell service may be or how wild the weather gets. You don’t need cell service for the SpotOn Fence to function!

And speaking of weather, it’s totally safe to let your pooch use the SpotOn Fence in the rain – in fact, you can even let him go swimming! The collar is waterproof to IP67 standards, so you don’t have to stress over a little water – just rinse it off with tap water when your pup is finished playing in saltwater or pool water.

Q: What happens if my dog gets out?

Sam: With the optional tracking activated, you have the additional peace of mind that should your pooch accidentally breach the barrier and make a run for it, you’ll receive a notification on your phone and can track him, turn by turn, in real-time, using the app. We know that every second counts! Tracking is free for the first 90 days with a 1-year or 2-year subscription, so you can try it out risk-free. (A monthly service plan is also available but does not include a 90-day free trial).

Q: If my dog escapes, won’t static correction prevent him from re-entering the fence?

Sam: Unlike other electric fences, the SpotOn Fence can tell when your pup is approaching the fence from the outside and will never issue a static correction to a pup who is returning home.

We hope this helps answer any questions you may have about the SpotOn GPS Fence! As always, we are happy to assist you with any other questions that may come up – simply email us at support@spotonfence.com or call us at 603-488-1504. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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    My problem is where the house is located in the front, on the right side, there is only about 40-45 ft to reach the neighbors property line. We had used invisible fencing, with the wire lining the property borders, and then only giving access to back of the property, but with working on home, lines have been removed. I would want my dog to still have access to that area. Would this work?

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