Will SpotOn work under dense tree coverage?


Q&A with Sam, Customer Support Expert

Find out if the SpotOn system will work under the trees!

Live on a wooded lot? Or perhaps you like to go camping? If you're under the trees or your dog is playing in brush or bushes, rest assured that SpotOn has you covered. Our patented True Location™ Technology maintains accurate GPS performance at all times - even under heavy cover from trees, brush, or bushes.

You can get a solid GPS connection almost everywhere on the earth’s surface. With a good understanding of how and where GPS works, we created SpotOn to take advantage of this! However, it worked a little too well, and we had tune it back a bit. We created an algorithm that recognizes when a dog is wearing a SpotOn collar and moving around indoors, which deactivates audible tones and static correction.  If your dog is outdoors and under heavy tree coverage, the collar can sometimes think it is indoors and turn off the tones and static correction. Don't worry, it's not broken!  Activate Forest Mode and the collar will no longer think your pup is indoors! GPS will be at full sensitivity, alerts will not be deactivated, and your pup can enjoy more time outdoors.  

Just note, if Forest Mode is active, you will need to take some precautions when your dog comes indoors. When Forest Mode is activated, be sure to remove the SpotOn collar when your pup comes indoors.

 To activate Forest Mode: 

  • Go to 'Collar Settings' in the app to turn Forest Mode on and off. 

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