Spot On: American-Made Peace of Mind for Your Dog's Adventures

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Mark, a resident of Florence, Alabama, knows the importance of giving his dog, Daisy, the freedom to explore. An energetic lab mix, Mark’s goal was to let Daisy have a bit of freedom, but he was nervous she could venture down in the woods and he didn’t want to take any chances. Traditional fences were out of the question, and the unreliability of some virtual pet containment systems left Mark searching for a better solution. This search led him to SpotOn. Mark shares:

“The SpotOn GPS fence exceeds my expectations in every way."

Unlike other systems he might have considered, SpotOn delivers on its promises, providing both functionality and peace of mind. Let's delve into the specific features that won over Mark, making SpotOn the perfect fit for him and Daisy.

American-Made Quality: Built to Last

In today's globalized world, Mark emphasizes the value of American-made products. SpotOn takes pride in being manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability. "What we all need these days is American Made Quality," Mark states. SpotOn reflects this commitment, offering a product built to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting security for your dogs.

Exceptional Customer Support: A Voice You Can Trust

Mark's experience with SpotOn's customer support further solidified his confidence in the brand. "Arrival day I emailed support and within 20 minutes, a prompt telephone call," he recalls. This fast and friendly interaction stood out to Mark. It’s common for companies to use overseas call centers for support, and Mark was delighted to hear that SpotOn’s customer support is based in their Manchester, NH, headquarters.

Unparalleled Accuracy: Keeping Daisy Safe in Diverse Environments 

For Mark, one of SpotOn's key features is its exceptional tracking accuracy. "Yard-pasture tracking is accurate," Mark confirms. This ensures Daisy's safety within the designated boundaries of his property. But adventures extend beyond the familiar surroundings. "Forest-Woods tracking is accurate" too, Mark adds. This lets Mark venture with confidence into wooded areas, knowing SpotOn's virtual fence will keep Daisy safe, even in these dense environments.

Eliminating Nuisance Alerts: Peace Inside the Home 

For those familiar with GPS dog collars, you’ll know that these collars are designed to issue feedback as dogs approach the virtual fence boundary. If these cues aren’t issued with precision, it’s not only frustrating for owners, but it can be confusing for your pet. Thankfully, SpotOn eliminated this concern for Mark.

“It just works. Everything works.”

Mark adds: "No false alarms inside the house or barn!" The system lets you set a “Home Zone”, which creates a safe area around your house or other structures on your property. All GPS signals can experience interference indoors and under trees; however, SpotOn builds on conventional GPS and makes it better, giving you the most reliable fence boundary that pinpoints and predicts your dog’s true location within three feet.

Smart Battery Management: Keeping Daisy Charged and Safe

SpotOn's innovative design prioritizes your pet's safety. "The App notifies you when the battery has 2 hours left and again at 1 hour," Mark appreciates. Low battery notifications on the app ensure you're never caught off guard with a depleted collar.

“I don’t turn off the collar and keep it on the charger when it’s not being worn,” shares Mark. This simple charging routine helps him ensure the collar is always ready for Daisy’s next adventure.

SpotOn: The Perfect Fit for Your Canine Companion

Mark's experience with SpotOn exemplifies the product's ability to deliver exceptional quality, reliable performance, and unparalleled customer service. Whether you prioritize American-made products, value responsive customer support, or seek a system with pinpoint tracking accuracy, Spot On delivers on all fronts. Mark concludes with confidence:

"Buy it. You will not be disappointed."

If you're searching for a virtual pet fence that provides peace of mind and allows your dog to explore freely within safe boundaries, look no further than Spot On GPS Dog Fence.

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