A Mobile Dog Fence System You Can Take Anywhere

SpotOn is a truly mobile dog fence, requiring nothing more than a smartphone and a dog collar for instant and reliable containment.

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Use your smartphone to set up a mobile virtual dog fence that syncs instantly to your dog's SpotOn collar. Mobile wireless dog fence setup is as easy as using the SpotOn smartphone app instant circular fence to pinpoint your location and create an instant GPS fence around you. To create a custom-shaped map simply draw it on your phone with your finger in a couple of minutes.


Unlike other virtual fence options, SpotOn requires no digging, no time-consuming installation, and no costly maintenance. SpotOn mobile dog fence requires no power source, making it a fully portable containment system. You can usually get set up in just a few minutes.

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Our mobile dog fence puts the best GPS technology at your fingertips for reliable containment. Outdoor adventurers can utilize Off-grid Mode to create fences in remote areas, and the easy-to-follow training plan ensures that your dog stays safely within the fence boundary wherever you go.

Mobile, Virtual Fencing Powered by GPS 

The SpotOn collar uses GPS technology for fence creation, so you don't need a cellular or WIFI connection for it to work. This means you can make custom dog fences wherever you go, even in the most remote areas. Fences work in any weather and through obstacles and tricky terrain.

• Set up a boundary in and through bodies of water.
• Set up a boundary through dense tree cover using Forest Mode.
• Set up a boundary in rain and snow. The collar is waterproof, perfect for swimming and playing in the rain.

SpotOn has you covered with virtual containment, virtually everywhere. From remote camping trips to beach vacations to visiting friends and family, our True Location™ Technology delivers the most accurate GPS dog fence and tracking wherever you go. All you need is the collar and your smartphone.


It's Easy to Bring Your Pup Along with Our Mobile Dog Fence

Whether going on vacation or visiting family, you want to bring your dog along. But taking them with you isn’t always easy. With SpotOn Fence, there’s no need to leave them behind. SpotOn provides a portable solution and a win-win situation for you and your dog, wherever your next trip may take you.

With SpotOn virtual fence, you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog home when you’re on the go. Instead, your dog gets to be part of the adventure, explore new surroundings and live life unleashed.

Why Our Customers Chose SpotOn Fences

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“The ability to make more than one fence allows us to take Koda almost anywhere. Furthermore, the tracking add-on gave us such a secure feeling knowing that if Koda ever got lost, we'd find him soon.”
- Christian K.

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“When we visit my parent's farm a few hours away, we're excited to be able to draw a quick new fence there using the app so she can roam their whole place!”
- SE & Danny B. with Esmy

wireless GPS collar on outdoor dog

“When we travel to go surfing (to the beach), we set up an instant circle and they’re contained that way!”
- Aviv H.

wireless GPS collar on outdoor dog

“I never knew how many places I wanted to take my dog before. It used to be; 'oh we are going out, Ida stays home - make sure to schedule potty breaks.’ Now it’s ‘load up with everyone and go for the day or overnight or whatever,’ and we have the peace of mind when she comes with us.”
- Megan O.

Bring your dog along for the ride with SpotOn!

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