Forest Mode

Live on a wooded lot? Going camping under dense tree cover? Use Forest Mode to increase GPS accuracy.

Forest Mode is easy to activate

Simply grab your collar and follow the steps below.

Select “System” 

go to Forest Mode Off

Select "Enter"

The display will change to Forest Mode On

Select “Exit” 

Your setting will be saved!

About Forest Mode

 As spring turns into summer and leaves grow, you may need to activate Forest Mode more often, whether camping, hiking or anywhere under dense coverage.

SpotOn is the only GPS dog fence with a setting designed specifically for dense tree cover. If you notice your collar’s GPS indicator changing from green to red, the signal may be inconsistent. Activating Forest Mode will increase reliability of the tones and static correction.

Without Forest Mode, if your dog is outdoors and under heavy tree coverage, SpotOn may think it is indoors and turn off the tones and static correction. Activate Forest Mode and the collar will no longer think your pup is indoors! GPS will be at full sensitivity, alerts will not be deactivated, and your pup can enjoy more time outdoors.


Think of Forest Mode as outdoor only mode.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your dog when Forest Mode is enabled, you’ll need to take one of these precautions when your dog comes indoors:


  1. Your entire home must be included in your fence, your boundary lines must be at least 80 feet away from your home and the fence must be deactivated. 

  2. Your pup's collar needs to be removed - any time your dog goes indoors.


Creating Fences with Forest Mode

Because Forest Mode enhances the GPS sensitivity, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it on fences near your home. 

Include your entire house in the map. This is so there are no boundaries going through your house and, if your dog is wearing his SpotOn collar, he will not be alerted for trying to move around inside.

Make boundary lines at least 80 feet from any side of your house
Why? GPS signals can bounce off tall structures and metal roofs — this "bouncing" could result in your fence boundary getting "bounced" indoors and unintentionally alerting your dog. This can also happen with Forest Mode off, but since the collar knows your pup is indoors, it will deactivate all alerts.

Remove the SpotOn collar when your pup comes indoors. Just to be sure he is not alerted.

Deactivate your map when your pup comes indoors. Again, just to be sure. This can be done from the collar or, if cellular is activated, on your phone.

    Activating Forest Mode


      • Select “System,” go to Forest Mode Off
      • Hit enter, display will change to Forest Mode On
      • Go to “Exit” to save
      Once Forest Mode is enabled, your SpotOn System will enjoy greater sensitivity under dense tree cover and within structures such as covered porches, sheds, barns, and your home.


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