The Most Reliable Wireless Travel Dog Fence

Taking Fido along when you travel? Get freedom for your pup and peace of mind for you wherever you go with SpotOn GPS travel dog fence. Create custom fences for virtual containment, virtually anywhere. Our portable wireless fence is perfect for weekends away, visiting friends & family, beach boundaries and camping dog fences.

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Pet travel and containment made easy! The best portable, wireless dog fence.

Taking Fido along when you travel? Get freedom for your pup and peace of mind for you on the go with SpotOn GPS Fence. Create custom fences for virtual containment, virtually anywhere. Our portable wireless fence is perfect for weekends away, visiting friends & family, beach boundaries and camping dog fences.


Create wireless dog fences anywhere you like - from ½ acre to 1,000+ acres. Fence through obstacles like water, heavy brush or buildings, and follow unusual property lines.


Just walk the fence boundary and SpotOn does the rest. Then manage everything from your phone. Try the instant perimeter fences for instant on-the-go setup.


Discover the best wireless travel dog fence for weekends away. With no hardware to install, it’s easy to make fences at home, at a 2nd home, on the go, or if you move. Also makes a great camping dog fence.

Bring your dog along on your great adventure, without risking a great escape.

The SpotOn GPS travel dog fence is the perfect solution for anyone on the go who wants to bring their pups along for the adventure. As the world’s most innovative dog fence, you can create GPS fences of any size, any shape and almost anywhere. SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with GPS technology to provide the most advanced and reliable portable wireless solution. Our patented True Location™ technology uses four GPS systems at once to maintain precise boundaries and keep tabs on your dog. So your dog may think he’s roaming free, but SpotOn’s tech keeps him on a tight leash.

SpotOn is more than just a fence. It’s a high-tech, GPS travel pet fence that offers containment and tracking all in one, so you can keep tabs on your dog to keep them safe. And our smart tech knows which way your dog is going if a breach happens — and will never issue a static correction to your dog upon returning home.

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Pet travel & containment made easy with SpotOn GPS Fence

What makes SpotOn so flexible, portable and reliable?

SpotOn is one of the only fencing systems available that is completely self-contained within the SpotOn dog collar and app. This makes SpotOn the perfect solution for anyone who needs flexibility with their dog containment - at home, on the go, or if they move. SpotOn gives you the flexibility to create multiple GPS fences wherever and whenever you need them. You can make unlimited custom fences, and easily store up to ten at a time with the touch of a button.

The fences are GPS-powered, and GPS is always on and available anywhere. So even if you are traveling to remote areas, your GPS dog fences will still work. There is no need to worry about spotty cell service. Plus, the system has a special ‘Forest Mode’ to enhance GPS sensitivity in heavily wooded areas. And since your dog is trained to the tones instead of visual markers, it is easy to bring SpotOn anywhere, set up new fences, and have a seamless experience for your dog.

The battery life for containment is about 22 hours, substantially longer than other GPS fences. Like your phone, it’s easy to charge the SpotOn dog collar in the car when you’re on the go. SpotOn also works in water, difficult terrain or other obstacles, and will lay a boundary right through that obstacle. Many SpotOn customers include part of a lake or other body of water in their boundary so their dog can go for a swim without going outside their fence.

travel & containment made possible with petsafe wireless fence

Why SpotOn's GPS Travel Dog Fence is the Best Solution for Pet Travel & Containment

• Easy & quick setup. All you need is the SpotOn dog collar, the app and your smartphone.
• Fully portable. You can take it with you when you move, travel, and visit friends & family. No power source required.
• Waterproof & all-weather proof for wherever your travel takes you; works in the rain, snow, mud, water & extreme temperatures.
• Enhanced GPS sensitivity with ‘Forest Mode’ for dense tree cover.
• Swimming within containment. The fencing through water feature lets you make fences through the water so your dog can swim within the boundary.
• Flexible fences cut through tricky terrain like marsh, forest & boulders, for an all-terrain outdoor dog fence.
• Instant circular fences pinpoint your location and create an instant circular GPS dog fences around you.
• Reliable containment and tracking, with escape notifications if your dog breaches the boundary.
• Our smart tech knows which way your dog is going and will never issue a static correction to a dog returning home.
• Different fences for different needs. Multiple fences can be used for different locations, days, times & seasons.
• Unlimited custom fences. Store up to ten fences at a time (for the price of one).
• No digging, installation or costly maintenance required.
• No boundary is too big. The SpotOn GPS Fence works from ½ acre to 1000’s of acres, and the cost stays the same no matter the size of your fence.


Let your dog run free, without running into trouble. Wherever you go.

One of the main advantages of the SpotOn GPS travel dog fence is its portability, so you can have freedom for your pup and peace of mind for you, no matter where you go. However, many people are hesitant the first time they set up the system somewhere new, beyond the backyard. To seamlessly transition your dog from your backyard to your travel destination, remember this: Your dog is trained to the tones, not the visual cues.

Like with any wireless system, you must train your dog — and yourself to some degree — to the system. SpotOn has two audio tones; an alert tone at 10 feet from the boundary, and a warning tone at 5 feet from the boundary. Plus, a vibration and optional static correction at the boundary. Your dog is trained to the tones, not your yard or visual cues. So once your pup learns the tones, you can move the boundary at any time and create new custom fences, which is why the SpotOn system is so portable!

People often worry that their dog has figured out their backyard boundaries, but won’t be able to understand new boundaries at a new location. This just isn’t true, since the training is based on the tones, not the specific fence boundaries.

SpotOn offers virtual containment virtually everywhere, so you can take it with you wherever you go - the beach, a vacation home, camping or if you move. In addition to custom fences, the system also has instant perimeter fences. To safely contain your dog with instant fences on the go, the circular perimeter feature pinpoints your location and creates an instant GPS dog fence around you.

The portable fence that makes your dog happy and your life easy.

Virtual fences, virtually anywhere. SpotOn GPS Fence is a simple, reliable, flexible and portable outdoor travel dog fence. So you can enjoy living life unleashed - at home and on the go. With custom GPS dog fences at your fingertips, you’ll know your dog is running free without running into trouble. That’s SpotOn.

What our customers say about pet travel and containment with SpotOn.

travel with your dog and contain with portable fence

‘The flexibility to create multiple fences and be able to include a swimming area is amazing. Winni loves having freedom at the lake. She is such a happy girl! It is worth every penny.” - Darleen, Owner

pet travel & containment made easy

``We can go from home, to the lake, mountain or beach and our dog can come with us! We no longer have to stress over if he can get out, or if he has enough room to run and play.’ - Courtney, Owner

wireless dog collar works on travel

“SpotOn has made our lives so much easier, we don’t have to worry about Minnie wandering to the neighbors or getting injured while tied up. When we visit friends and family, she knows her boundaries instantly and can play with other dogs without us intervening.” - Laura, Owner


No boundary too big.

The GPS Dog Fence that's as accurate and flexible as your dog is curious.

  • Sets up in Minutes - Any Size/Shape

    Create fences from ½ acre to 1K+ acres at home, on the go, or if you move.
  • Most accurate GPS Boundaries

    SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology taps into a network of 128 satellites to provide boundary accuracy comparable to a buried wire fence.

    SpotOn is 7x more accurate than the other GPS smart fence. Head-to-head testing by an independent lab revealed SpotOn is the most precise and reliable solution. See the results.
  • Works Anywhere - Even Remote Areas

    SpotOn uses GPS to contain your dog. It works anywhere on the planet - even in remote areas without a subscription. Add a cell subscription to unlock additional features.
  • Details & Specs

      SpotOn includes a GPS network connection that allows you to create, save, and use unlimted GPS fences. Also included in the box:

    • 1 SpotOn collar
    • 2 sets of static contact points
    • Static contact point tester/insertion tool
    • Charging base and wall charger
    • User guide

    Package Dimensions: 8in x 7.13 in x 4.19 in
    Package Weight: 1lb, 14.7 oz
    Size Small fits a neck size of 10” - 14”
    Size Medium fits a neck size of 12” - 18”
    Size Large fits a neck size of 17" - 26”
    Battery Type: Rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery
    Battery Life: up to 22 hours containment, 14 hours tracking
    Time to full charge: 1 hour
    Sim Card: universal - connects to closest towers
    GPS: High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou receiver

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Size Guide

Collar Size Guide

Selecting the right size is important! It ensures your collar’s antenna will face the sky and receive the strongest GPS signal, making the entire system more accurate.

1. Measure your dog’s neck just above their regular collar.

2. Make sure you can fit two fingers under the measuring tape.

3. Select correct size.

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