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No wires. No Base stations. No boundary too big! SpotOn uses True Location technology to provide the most reliable GPS fence.

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True Location™ Technology powers the most accurate GPS dog containment system

  • Customizable

    Use up to 1,000 fence posts to create fences of any shape and size from 1/2 acre to 1,000s of acres.

  • Connected

    Easy map management, status updates, and tracking at your fingertips.

  • Portable

    Use it at home, when you’re on the go, or if you move.

Give your dog a zone

SpotOn simultaneously connects to multiple satellite systems & adjusts that data based on motion sensors in your dog’s collar. This AI-enhanced GPS shows your dog’s true location, rather than relying on satellite data alone, for the most effective & convenient, fence-free containment.

How our Dog Containment System Works

Create a Fence

Create a Fence

Walk a perimeter to create your containment area.

Train Your Pup

Train Your Pup

Teach your dog to stay in the yard in a few simple steps.

Live Life Unleashed

Live Life Unleashed

Enjoy dependable, next generation containment from the palm of your hand.

Virtual containment,
virtually anywhere.

SpotOn’s fence-free containment system uses your dog’s True Location™ to create reliable boundaries in one convenient device.

Combining best-available GPS accuracy and data with on-collar motion sensors, our AI adjusts to your dog’s True Location, creating smart containment from the palm of your hand. Simply set the boundary and leave your dog to go about their business, while you go about your day.

Learn more about what makes SpotOn the best GPS fence.

  • "The flexibility of this fence is probably our favorite thing. The fact that we did not have to dig the cable around our property, part of which is wooded, was a big relief. We love having multiple maps. We also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t get shocked on her way home, should she break the fence."

    Marina & Koa

    Weimaraner, 1 year old

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  • "Do it!!!! Best thing ever. Very flexible system with options for different needs. It is a great alternative to an invisible fence and much cheaper than a real fence! It gives you the portability to keep your dog safe anywhere you go!"

    Lisa & Finnely

    Australian Shephard, 11 months old

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  • "The custom mapping option is awesome! We have tons of acreage and only allow her to some. You're not burying wire and it's truly cost effective in comparison."

    Tyranny & Clara

    Leonberger, 11-months old

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  • “With SpotOn, I feel like we have both grown and built trust and independence together. Our last camping trip was a big success, Finn had freedom to move around and do what she wanted as long as I could see her.”

    Toni & Finn

    German Shorthaired Pointer, 3 years old

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  • “With SpotOn, Myla is able to stay safe while also having the space and freedom to let her energy out and simply enjoy being a dog.”

    Christa & Myla

    Golden Retriever, 7 months old

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  • “The SpotOn system has given Ursa the freedom to roam and play on 100+ wooded acres. True to her breed, she loves to stay outside, guarding our family and the chickens. Now she can do the job that she loves without me worrying about her going into the road or getting in trouble with neighbors.”

    Heather & Ursa

    Great Pyrenees, 1 year old

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