A Young Bernedoodle's Journey from Tethered to Freedom: Koda's Story

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Meet Koda from Tifton, Georgia.

Koda is a one year old Bernedoodle (a Bernese Mountain dog and Poodle mix). He was named after Koda (which means friend) from the movie ‘Brother Bear,’ since he looks like a little bear.

Koda is fun-loving, silly and funny. According to his dad Christian,

‘He is a little boy trapped in a puppy’s body. One look at him and you'll want to be his best friend. He loves to play hard, but at the end of the day, he's all about snuggling with mom and dad.’  - Christian, Owner

His favorite thing to do outside is to gaze at the pond and watch the ducks swim by. Once in a while (presumably when there are no ducks passing by), he also loves a good squirrel chase!

Before SpotOn, Koda had to be tied up when he was outside due to his escape artist antics. He would escape through the dirty pond into the rest of the neighborhood, and then require a bath! Christian shared a picture of ‘sad Koda, before he could play outside as a free puppy with SpotOn.’ 

Since SpotOn, Koda has the freedom to run and play within his boundary, giving this young pup the exercise he needs. Koda’s freedom has also changed the relationship with his pup parents, enabling them to feel more relaxed. Now that they know Koda is safe and sound while outside, they can relax and fully enjoy his puppy playfulness!

Another big bonus - less baths since he’s no longer escaping through the dirty pond. As you might expect, his 1 acre fence does not include the dirty pond.

As for what sold Christian on SpotOn? 

‘The ability to make more than one fence allows us to take Koda almost anywhere. Furthermore, the tracking add-on gave us such a secure feeling knowing that if Koda ever got lost, we'd find him soon.’

Thanks to SpotOn, this lucky boy now gets to go almost everywhere with his pup parents. Beyond daily use at home, they’ve used SpotOn on vacation, at their second home, and when visiting friends and family.

‘Instead of having to board Koda, we were able to take him with us on our two week vacation visiting family in New England.’

It’s a good thing too, since nothing makes this snuggle bunny happier than hanging out with his pup parents.

By Amy McPoland, dog owner, dog lover & Sr. Brand Strategist at SpotOn Fence

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