KThomson's Comparison of Halo Collar & SpotOn Fence: DogSpeak Review


REVIEW: SpotOn's Fence's boundary is more accurate, it performs consistently, is simplified, and more like an Invisible Fence®

Youtuber KThompson compares SpotOn Fence Generation 2.0 to the Halo Collar 2+. Having used both products, she explains in the video below that there are some advantages to using the SpotOn Fence. She finds that with SpotOn, the GPS is more accurate due to the higher-end GPS antenna. 

SpotOn is also very easy to set up a fence in a few minutes and with the new editing feature you can get it just right. SpotOn offers more simple training that works. 

Another advantage for SpotOn Fence is that you can have overlapping fences, so you can map your entire property for your dog to run in the day and then a smaller backyard area for nighttime. With the Halo Collar, you cannot save any fences that share GPS coordinates. 

While there are other GPS fences that are cheaper than SpotOn Fence, if you are looking for the most accurate product with the highest end GPS, SpotOn Collar is well worth the money.