40 Acres of Happiness for These Setters: Ernest, Nicky & Pip's Story

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Meet Ernest, Nicky & Pip from Virginia.

These three setter pups just love to run around and play! Lucky for them, they have plenty of room to roam. The family lives on 135 acres of woods, farm pastures and hay fields. Thanks to their 40 acre SpotOn fence, they can run around and around in circles in the hay fields to their heart’s content (their favorite pastime). And they always have a playmate!

All three dogs are happy, easy going, fun-loving and cuddly. Not surprisingly for their breed, they also like to track and follow birds. As setters, they are also hyperactive so need their exercise. Something else they have in common - they were all named after famous literary works.

Ernest is a Llewellin Setter, and the oldest of the three at 5. He was named after ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’, by Oscar Wilde. Nicky is one and also a Llewellin Setter. He is named after ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ by Charles Dickens. Pip, who has slightly different coloring, is an English Setter. He is 3 and named after Phillip Pirrip (‘Pip’), the protagonist in ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens.

What was life like for Dawn before SpotOn?
‘Constant worry and watching where they were.  If I was working in the fields, they had to stay inside because I could not watch them.  Now they are able to tire themselves out while I’m working, on fencing, feeding, bush hogging, etc.’ - Dawn D., Owner

Since SpotOn, Dawn spends a lot less time worrying. As an owner of 3 dogs on a very large property, she now has a sense of relief and calm. The biggest benefit for her? ‘Peace of mind and relief my dogs are safe.’ What she didn’t expect and is in fact a happy accident is that ‘Ernest now keeps the foxes at bay, thereby protecting the chickens.’

As we hear from many SpotOn owners, Dawn’s relationship with her dogs has changed since SpotOn.

‘They are so much calmer in the house, not running into walls playing. I also get to sleep at night since they are also tired.’

Having been a SpotOn customer since the original Gen 1 version, Dawn is loving the new GPS fence experience. Her favorite features include seeing fences built as she walks, the new app, the flexibility of family sharing, and how much easier the new collar is to adjust.

Better cell coverage and the ability to track with Verizon was what sold her on upgrading to the new GPS Fence. They have limited cell service where they live, and Verizon is the only one that covers their area. She also appreciates the support and helpfulness of the Customer Service team.

‘The best is able to track with Verizon. It was really a game changer for me. Also you all have the best customer service anywhere. Everyone has always been so very patient with me and all my questions and problems. My dogs are very hard on equipment and have a tendency to destroy anything they wear. Tags; rabies, license or name maybe last two days. I am not sure how many collars we have gone through, but yet everyone still acts like I am not a big bother! Thank you so very much!’

If she ever finds the time to take a vacation, she will be taking her dogs - and SpotOn! All three learned the tones so well, and it’s so easy to set up a new fence, that she’s not worried about them wandering, wherever they go.

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