7 Acres of Freedom for Weimaraner Pups: Loki & Levon's Story

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Meet Loki & Levon from Oklahoma.

These two handsome boys live on 13 acres and get to frolic within their 7 acre fence — the GPS fence works seamlessly in the woods and their open pasture.

Loki is the silver Weimaraner, and Levon the dark grey one (known as a 'blue' coat). Just like their different coat colors, they have different personalities.

Loki is sweet and funny, and was named after Loki the ‘god of mischief, which according to his mom, fits him to a tee! While Levon is also very sweet, he is also very active. He’s named after the musician Levon Helm. A rock star name seems appropriate for this active guy!

Both boys are 2 years old, fun-loving and cuddly. They are also both escape artists (smart boys!). In keeping with the Weimaraner hunting breed, Loki and Levon have a strong prey drive. They love to chase birds and squirrels, and lizard-hunt around the house. And when they’re done hunting, they both enjoy a little rest in the shade.

Before SpotOn, these pups were on 20 ft. leads at home, and walked on leashes. Given their energy level and prey drive, they couldn’t be trusted off leash without containment.

‘They are high energy and prey driven so they just couldn’t be trusted with too much freedom.’ - Bethany, Owner

But thankfully, that all changed with SpotOn. Both pups were quick to pick up on the boundary training, and now this young pair gets freedom to run, play and hunt whenever they want! 

‘My boys are quick learners and they picked up very quickly on the training so that was great. I love the ease of using the collars - very user friendly.’

The family has multiple properties and wants to take the boys with them wherever they go. So they love the portability of SpotOn and the ability to make multiple fences anywhere. They’re also happy that the reliable GPS connection provides great coverage when they're on the move.

‘I can’t say enough wonderful things about SpotOn, the boys have freedom and we have peace of mind when it comes to their safety.’

Their next adventure? Taking Loki and Levon to their other property, where they can happily and safely explore to their heart’s content. And the biggest benefit for this pup parent? ‘Peace of mind and relief my dog is safe.’

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