How This Corgi Found Freedom on 11 Acres: Ida's Story

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Meet Ida from Macedon, New York.

This ridiculously cute girl is a 1½ year old Corgi, and all smiles! She’s high energy and active, but also fun-loving and cuddly. And like many dogs - very food motivated! And speaking of food…

Ida’s mom was named Tater, and all of her puppies were Tater’s Tots. Her pup parents joked that the dad’s name must have been Pa Tater. So to keep it in the family, Ida is named for the Idaho potato!

Ida loves to run around and smell every bit of her domain. And she likes to do it very quickly, especially when doggy friends are visiting. She’s a social pup who also loves to visit her friend Remi the boxer down on the farm. With 11 acres to run around on, there’s lots of fun to be had!

‘I love the freedom to let her be a dog. I can set where she is allowed to go, and then let her do what she wants to without helicopter parenting about whether she is in the yard.’ - Megan, Owner

Not surprising for a Corgi, as a herding breed, Ida loves to herd animals, mainly horses. Lucky for her the neighbor’s farm has a horse for her herding enjoyment. Fortunately for Ida, her horse friend Ori doesn't mind letting Ida practice her horse herding skills.

‘Ida can roam the farm. I have a horse so she can go down to the farm with us, wander the 11 acres to her heart’s content and I know where she is the entire time.’

How has your relationship with Ida changed since using SpotOn Fence?

Before SpotOn, the often hyperactive Ida always wanted to quickly go one way and then the other, just about tearing her mom’s arm off with the leash, or wrapping her up in it, unable to contain her excitement. Now she has the freedom to run and burn off that excess energy.

‘Our relationship is more positive. She gets to run off her extra energy, and play fetch without a leash getting in the way. Now she also knows better, that when the leash is on it is time to be serious, where before she never knew if it was playtime or work time.’

The benefits of using the SpotOn Fence?

Megan’s favorite things about SpotOn are being able to add multiple fences and the portability. They can take it with them when camping, or visiting friends, or if they move. Plus she values the investment in Ida’s safety.

‘I never knew how many places I wanted to take my dog before. It used to be; 'oh we are going out, Ida stays home - make sure to schedule potty breaks.’ Now it’s ‘load up with everyone and go for the day or overnight or whatever,’ and we have the peace of mind when she comes with us.’

Megan has been using SpotOn for a while, so they’ve used SpotOn in their yard, on vacation, hiking and visiting friends & family. Having recently upgraded to the new Gen 2 GPS Fence, she’s happy with the new experience. Her favorite features are: the new app, seeing fences built as she walks, better cell coverage with the choice of Verizon or AT&T, the family sharing flexibility, and that the new collar is easier to adjust.

‘It is wonderful to have a collar that I can create a fence for where I want her to be at any given event. The cell service is way better and I now have instant notification of events.’

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