Great Pyrenees' GPS Fence Offers 100+ Wooded Acres of Freedom: Ursa's Story


Product Review - Meet Ursa

Meet Ursa, a Great Pyrenees from Clemson, South Carolina! This 9-month-old pupper was welcomed into the Smith family as just a little peanut.  They named her Ursa, as it is Latin for bear, and they knew their pup was going to get quite big! The family got Ursa as a youngin from a local family.  Although they would have loved to adopt, they felt they wanted to start fresh with a puppy because of their situation with already having young kids, a cat, and chickens.  


The family specifically picked a Great Pyrenees to guard the yard from predators. They live near a forest and have just about every possible local animal nearby!  Before Ursa, it wasn’t uncommon to see deer, wild pigs, coyotes in their yard, and even an occasional bear rummaging through the trash! Though the family misses seeing the deer, it’s certainly much safer for their kids and chickens with Ursa on patrol.


Though the family misses seeing the wildlife, it’s certainly much safer for their kids and chickens with Ursa on patrol. 

Curbing unneighborly behavior


Ursa stuck close to the house until about 4 - 5 months old.  As she got older and bolder, she became increasingly interested in going across the road to bark at a horse and followed anybody passing by.  Her pet parents, Heather and Hudson, had to retrieve her from the road regularly.  Thankfully their street is pretty quiet, but it was still unsafe and unneighborly for Ursa to be out and about.  Because of this, she had to spend more time on her outdoor run than she and her family liked.  

After doing much research, the family felt that
SpotOn was the perfect solution for them.  They considered laying a wired underground fence; however, this would have been rather difficult and expensive on their heavily wooded property. SpotOn allows Ursa to access the entire property while also staying away from the road and neighbors.

“The SpotOn system has given Ursa the freedom to roam and play on 100+ wooded acres.  True to her breed, she loves to stay outside, guarding our family and the chickens. Now she can do the job that she loves without me worrying about her going into the road or getting in trouble with neighbors.” – Heather Smith

Now, Ursa has 100 acres of land to explore! Although the family’s property is about 13 acres, Ursa is lucky enough to have an adjacent forest included in her boundary. The family’s property is unique in that they have access to thousands of acres of public forest land owned by Clemson University.  So, in addition to a few short trails on their land, they can access many miles of hiking and biking trails right out their back door—making for endless adventures for Ursa and the family!

With SpotOn, Ursa enjoys spending her time outside most of the day. She will come in for family dinnertime but is always eager to go right back outside! The family laughs at her because she charges out the door barking before knowing if anything is out there. It’s like she’s announcing to the world that she’s back on patrol. With Ursa still a puppy, she can’t quite yet be trusted alone with their chickens, even if it is just to play. For now, the chickens stay in their fence; however, the family is looking forward to having her protect them once she’s fully mature. Until then, she protects them from afar by guarding the yard in general and scaring away hawks with her barks! The family is very proud of her as she improves more and more each day.

The property isn’t the only thing Ursa guards. She is incredibly protective of the family baby (how adorable)! Even when Ursa was a puppy, she was especially interested in the youngest Smith.  The family likes to think that they are “puppies” together, as Ursa is currently nine months and their son is 11 months.  Whenever he is outside, she is usually right by his side, looking out for him. She also loves the other kids and gets so excited when they all go on a walk as a family.

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