Backyard Freedom & Beyond for This Lab/Doberman Mix: Kenosha's Story

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Meet Kenosha from Hanover, New Hampshire.

Kenosha is named after Kenosha Pass in Colorado. Located just west of the pass is South Park, which is how ‘Kenny’ got her nickname (from the South Park show).

This cute girl is a Lab/Doberman mix, and a lover! She is intelligent, super cuddly and loves to snuggle. At 1 ½, she is also very high energy - sometimes hyperactive. Luckily for Kenny, the family has lots of room to roam, from 1-15 acres depending on where they go, since they use SpotOn in multiple locations. When she’s outside, Kenny likes to lounge around or play fetch  — as expected since she’s half lab.

‘I think her favorite thing is that we aren’t constantly calling her to come or bringing her inside when we go in. Most recently we’ve been using the radius feature camping and she loves not being leashed up.’
- Owner, Caitlin

Their home is located on an open lot in town, with streets on two sides and a small fence in the back. What was life like before SpotOn? They had to constantly check the road for people coming by, continually calling Kenny to stay on their side of the back fence, and making sure she wasn’t crossing the road.

‘Kenny picked up on the two tones immediately - we haven’t turned on the vibration setting yet. The sounds are the perfect warning that she needs to stop and turn back around. With the previous e-collar we would always be wary of buzzing/shocking her if she was running up towards a passing dog because we didn’t want her to associate people on the street with fear or pain.’

Favorite features? The family uses SpotOn at multiple locations, so they like the ability to set up a fence anywhere. ‘It is easy to use wherever we need it.’ Caitlin also likes seeing fences build as she walks, and the flexibility of family sharing.

How has their relationship with Kenny changed since using SpotOn?

‘We trust her a lot more. We also are a lot more comfortable bringing her to new places when we know there is open space to roam. Our outdoor time is so much more enjoyable.’

So far they’ve used SpotOn in their yard, on vacation, at the lake, visiting family and camping. Their most recent adventure with SpotOn?

‘Camping! We just went on a five day camping trip! The tent site was fairly remote so we set up a 350 ft radius and didn’t even bring a long tether.’

After a long day of camping, Kenny is telling her pup parents it’s time for bed.

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