A GPS Fence Perfect For a GSP Dog: Molly's Story

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Meet Molly from O’Fallon, Missouri.

This young, playful German Shorthaired Pointer is only 10 months old. As expected for a pup, she is fun-loving and goofy, and certainly super cute!

Molly’s favorite thing to do outside with her SpotOn Fence freedom is to investigate the premises. She’s a friendly and curious pup so there’s lots to explore. And as a German Shorthaired Pointer, she’s also prey-driven, so there's a lot of critters to sniff out and chase.

This lucky girl gets to roam free with SpotOn at two different locations. The family has a ½ acre fence at their suburban home and another 1+ acre at their more rural location. So they currently have 3 fences saved, and use their ½ acre fence at home the most.

Before SpotOn, Molly’s dog dad was constantly needing to manage this young, high energy puppy. We asked Molly’s dog dad what life was like before and after SpotOn.

‘Interrupted by a dog you had to watch every time it had to go to the bathroom/play. Now we trust the collar to contain the dog.’
- Scott, Owner

SpotOn not only enabled Molly’s freedom with virtual boundaries, but also helped Molly get out her excess energy, making for a happier dog and changing the relationship.

‘Molly is more content. Her energy can be released without our intervention.’

For owner Scott, the flexibility and convenience of custom fences is the biggest benefit, along with the portability, since they use SpotOn at multiple locations. So far they’ve used SpotOn both at home and visiting friends & family.

His favorite features? Seeing the fences built on the app as he walks, and the flexibility of family sharing. Given the high energy level of puppies, and the exercise needed for this athletic breed, SpotOn has given some much needed freedom to Molly, and some much needed independence (and extra time) to Molly’s pup parents.

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